Hey THAT was neat….and as an added bonus to voting in my first election as a free citizen of this republic vs. a subject of the crown…now I get to be (very momentarily) famous too.

It all started with my wife and I at our local polling station.

Without prior consultation, both of us decided to do a write in as neither of us was going to vote for an incumbant of any stripe, especially not an unopposed one for the House seat.

So now I have two votes for myself to the House of Representatives. Hey, it’s the small victories in the day that count here folks, and this one is mine.

Somewhere there is an electronic record that at least two votes where cast for me in this race. I’d like to thank my supporter (singular) for her support, and no matter the outcome of the day, I can say I’ve had cause to smile for a couple of minutes at least…now home to cook supper.

M. Terry