The press brings up “the Bradley Effect” diligently, as programmed. Say it a zillion times a day. The Bradley Effect, about as real as Creationism. But it does plant an idea in the electorate’s minds, a reason why McCain wins on Tuesday: Oh, it was the Bradley Effect, the blatherers will pummel it home.
Another,”The Racists” of course,once they’re really desperate (also mostly died off by now, again, not the big vote they insult the country owning).
There was the “disgruntled Hillary Voters”, but it didn’t pan out.
McCain has finally figured out that all Christians aren’t lunatics, only the ones at his small rallies, (bulked out by the bussed in school kids waving at the cameras, etc). Sarah also brings in the self identified “rednecks”, only they’re pretty dumb, the fruits of all that anti public school jabberwocky, and too hung over on election day to vote, but will say they DID, so they don’t have to go to work. I wander.They just don’t have the votes.
Instead they invent mythical blocks of voters to use as cover, for the stealing of the election.An explanation. Or maybe, they (the BushCo operatives advising his campaign), are just sticking it to McCain, knowing they were going to lose anyway…and they don’t plan to come through for him in Pennsylvania as he expects, but will leave him to dangle, slaughtered by the popular uprising against Republican Rule, ruined politically, by his soul selling campaign.

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