Breaking News Flash…Obama for clean coal technology?

Didn’t anybody tell Fox News that Halloween was over and it takes more than a little negative spin to scare Americans these days? If the best they can do is drag out Chris Hannity and Ann Coulter, probably the least credible journalists on the face of the planet, and spin a recorded interview made 10 months ago, either someone is not doing their job or the Republican right wing fanatics understand they have lost and just need something to harp on about until Tuesday.

What I have truly learned from this election is not to trust any single media source as your only point of reference on any topic. Its being slanted one way or another and too many people start spewing forth misinformation before doing any kind of research to find the truth in the nugget of spin that the media likes to throw around as fact.

A perfect example is the “wealth distribution” Obama comment that McCain likes to throw out at each of his rallies and interviews. How many Americans have actually heard the full Joe the Plumber conversation with Obama? I have, and I thought that Obama’s comments were insightful, and fully explained how his tax plan would benefit the majority of Americans, including Joe the Plumber. Even Joe looked convinced until he got so famous that he had to get a publicist and is trying to get a country western record deal.

Obama has explained his position on coal before and that he believes that we need stronger regulation on emissions to ensure that communities around coal plants are safe and protected, to lessen the impact on the environment and to encourage businesses to invest in clean coal technology where they would not incur penalties for hurting the environment. Where is the devil in that? I understand that there are 126,000 jobs in coal mining, one of the most dangerous and health hazardous jobs in America. It would not seem such a horrible thing to provide alternative employment opportunities that do not involve developing black lung disease.

I actually get a kick out of watching Fox News and even tuning in to Rush Limbaugh once in a while. They are so desperate lately, and it is showing more in the days leading up to the election. I get a little warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart to see them all sinking in the Republican battle ship that they have always used in the past to intimidate and rule us lowly members of society. Enjoy the ride, folks, last lifeboat sails on Tuesday. Jump ship while you still can!

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