By Maggie Van Ostrand

Number One: Cindy McCain. She’ll vote for Obama because, if you’ve seen her eyes narrow every time she looks at Palin, she won’t want to continue that relationship any longer than she has to.

It was bad enough, awful in fact, when in 1992, she was called the c word by her misogynistic husband, as well as being publicly humiliated when he offered her up as a candidate in a topless beauty contest at a bikers’ rally in August. (Say CrazyCat, I’ll show you hers for your vote.)

Even John McCain’s old buddies have said in interviews that if they wanted girls, they just hung around with him. He knew how to get them. Not respect them, just get them.

His disrespect for women is evident in his choice and treatment of Sarah Palin. I can’t be the only one who noticed Palin visibly pulling away from his enthusiastic embraces since the beginning. He used her to distract from Obama’s Democratic Convention acceptance speech and it worked very well. That’s politics. Then, perhaps having seen the error of his choice in the damage it’s wreaking in non-Evangelical circles, he has disloyally thrown her to the wolves. She served her purpose, now he dumps her, just as he dumped his first wife when she was in a debilitating accident and was no longer the beautiful model he had married. So much for loyalty. I can only attribute Cindy’s public affection for him to be either habit or low self-esteem.

John McCain’s eye thing, too, may put psychic pressure on her to vote against her husband. Remember the drooping left eyelid of Debate #2? Notice that it was covered up in Debate #3 by rapid blinking? Even today, as he blinks away the droop, he occasionally forgets and there’s the droop again. Reminds me of Onassis’ droopy lids, a sign of his fatal disease. I’m just sayin’.

Number Two: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He may be a registered Republican now, but he’s a strong Democrat at heart. Just ask Warren Beatty. The Governator may do his obligatory last-minute stumping for McCain, the real “girlie man,” and he may even win a few votes for him, but he’s an actor. Also, as governor of a state with a budget deficit of $16 billion, he needs money from the current administration before Caligula leaves office in January. That giant sucking sound is not from Mexico, it’s from California’s governor.

There may be many more closet Obama supporters who’ll speak one candidate and vote for the other. We’ll find out the day after the day after tomorrow.

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