To all undecided voters: Vote for John Mcain, if…. with an afterthought from Arnold Schwarzenegger

If everything John McCain says in his stump speech and on his website is true, if you think that he’s better qualified to be president because he’s fought for America and has the scars to prove it, if you think the way he ran his campaign demonstrates character traits you want in a president, if you believe that he has the temperament to handle a crisis, if you accept his views on who’s qualified to be on the Supreme Court, and if you are confident about Sarah Palin becoming president if he’s not able to serve his full term, of course you should vote for McCain.

Undecided voters: This is for you.

Despite the tenor of much of their campaign rhetoric at rallies and in advertisements, I think it is reasonable to put aside the reasons McCain, Palin, and their surrogates have said that you shouldn’t vote for Barack Obama.

In the past week both McCain and Palin have admitted that Obama is really an okay guy, a true American, who may be ready to be president in four years. (See my previous column.)

Although nobody in the media has had the courage to ask them, I am sure they would say they don’t want you, the undecided voters, to vote for them because they are lesser of two evils when you compare them to a secret Muslim terrorist melded with a Marxist who wants to empower poor people of color to revolt and take what’s yours.

Sure, it may seem they suggested this for months, and there are still ads running that seem to be encouraging people to be afraid of him because he doesn’t put country first.

And sure, McCain and Palin have told you not to listen to Obama’s eloquent words but measure him by his deeds.

The primary deed McCain reminds us of is having the scars to prove what a patriot he is. That and being a maverick.

To hear McCain and Palin describe Obama’s accomplishments he’s done nothing except make the National Journal’s list as the most liberal senator.

Now McCain and Palin seem to want you to judge them by their promises, which of course are words.

If you agree with what I wrote above, as undecided voters who are waiting until the last hours of the campaign to make your decision, I think you should heed the words of John McCain and make your decision based on comparing the positions of the two candidates.

Here’s a chance for undecided readers to discuss the specifics of the reasons McCain wants your vote. The following is from the McCain website, so I assume they are the issues he thinks are the most important.

If you believe everything he says about Obama and himself, there’s one last consideration.

Make sure you aren’t member of a group McCain studiously ignores in his speeches because his positions and policies hurt rather than help you. For example, make sure you aren’t among “those people” who don’t pay income tax, and you aren’t a member of the National Guard who doesn’t want to be recalled for third time, anyone who really needs some of the wealth Obama wants to spread around.

If after you consider all the facts and believe what McCain says, below, it would seem obvious that he deserves your vote. They are quoted without further comment.


John McCain believes we must keep taxes low to reward hard work and create jobs for all Americans.

Barack Obama wants to “spread the wealth around” and is more interested in controlling who gets your piece of the pie than he is in growing the pie.

Economic Plan

John McCain has a comprehensive economic plan that will create millions of good American jobs, ensure our nation’s energy security, get the government’s budget and spending practices in order, and bring relief to American consumers.

The Obama tax increase would come at the worst possible time for America, and especially for small businesses like the one Joe the Plumber dreams of owning. The small businesses Senator Obama would tax provide 16 million jobs in America. And a sudden tax hike for those businesses will kill jobs at a time when we need to be creating more jobs.


John McCain will break from the past to lead a great national campaign to put us on a course for energy independence. No problem is more urgent today than our dependence on foreign oil.

Barack Obama voted for the same policies that created the problem. He voted for the energy bill promoted by President Bush and Vice President Cheney, which gave even more breaks to the oil industry.

Health Care

John McCain will make health care more available, affordable and responsive to patients and he will give families more choices over their care.

Barack Obama’s plan will harm employer coverage, continues the push toward government-run health care and will damage private coverage.

Reforming Washington

John McCain has a record of working to end Washington’s stagnant, unproductive partisanship. He will end wasteful government spending and put the government back on the side of the American people.

The American people have not seen Barack Obama forsake partisanship for progress. In his short time in the Senate, Congressional Quarterly shows he voted with the Democrat Party 97 percent of the time.

Government Spending

John McCain is committed to and has long fought for restoring fiscal discipline by eliminating wasteful government spending. Out of control spending has resulted in a weaker dollar, raising the cost of groceries and gas and killing jobs. John McCain will rein in federal spending to help our families in tough economic times.

Barack Obama plans to increase spending by nearly a trillion dollars. Already in three short years in the Senate, he has requested nearly a billion dollars in pork projects for his state and has been an eager participant in this corrupt system.


John McCain will shake up failed school bureaucracies with competition, empower parents with choice, remove barriers to qualified instructors, attract and reward good teachers. Barack Obama wants our schools to answer to unions and entrenched bureaucracies.


John McCain had the judgment to understand that America’s strategy in Iraq was failing and the courage to call for a dramatic change. That strategy is now working, and America is succeeding in Iraq

Barack Obama opposed the new strategy and predicted wrongly that it would fail. He voted to deny critical funds to our men and women fighting in Iraq.

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  1. Hal Brown

    In looking over the comments it seems to me that some posters have missed the fact which I thought I made clear, i.e., that the reasons enumerated for voting for McCain as opposed to Obama all come from McCain, not from me. They are quotes from his website.

    For comparision I assume most of you have already reviewed the issues page on the Obama website.

  2. Hal Brown

    Another Arizona newspaper just endorsed Obama. It made the national news when the largest paper in McCain’s home state, the Arizona Republic (link), endorsed Obama. Now Tuscon’s Arizona Star (link to editorial) has also endorsed Obama.

    Tuscon is the second largest city in the state after Phoenix.

    It is interesting to note that the largest newspaper in Illinois, the Chicago Tribune, the largest newspaper in Obama’s home state and one that has traditionally been right of center, also endorsed Obama. He was the first Democrat they endorsed in their nearly 150 year old history. (link).

  3. Dionysis

    You ask the questions…

    “if you think that he’s better qualified to be president because he’s fought for America and has the scars to prove it, if you think the way he ran his campaign demonstrates character traits you want in a president, if you believe that he has the temperament to handle a crisis, if you accept his views on who’s qualified to be on the Supreme Court, and if you are confident about Sarah Palin becoming president if he’s not able to serve his full term, of course you should vote for McCain.”

    His service, while commendable, in no way makes him qualified to be president.

    The way he has run his campaign is a joke, and will be studied in the future as a textbook example of how to run a disasterous, losing campaign.

    He clearly does not have the temperament to be president; he has proven himself to be a mean-spirited curmudgeon and has a reputation as a hothead.

    In no way should he be given the opportunity to appoint more knuckle-draggers to the Supreme Court. That would be a disaster.

    As far as Palin is concerned, most are pretty confident she is a dimwit and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the reigns of power. She is clueless and her selection as a running mate is a slap in the face to all Americans.

    The list of reasons to vote for McCain, dutifully copied from his website, shows the reason that people should not vote for him: no specifics, just a rambling list of platitudes and jingoistic phrases. There is not a shred of specificity in this list.

    One more day and this will all be over. Get used to saying “President Obama.”

  4. Hal Brown

    Breaking News: Arnold Schwarzenegger,speaking at a McCain rally, gave undecided voters yet another reason to vote for McMcain.

    After arriving with McCain at the Nationwide Arena Hockey Stadium on board the “Straight Talk Express”, Schwarzenegger delighted a raucous crowd of several thousands with some biting barbs about Obama’s policies and physique.

    Schwarzenegger, who organizes a bodybuilding competition in Columbus every year, said he wanted to invite Obama because “he needs to do something about those skinny legs. I’m going to make him do some squats.”

    “And then we’re going to make him do some biceps curls to beef up those scrawny little arms,” Schwarzenegger said, before his punchline: “But if he could only do something about putting some meat on his ideas.” (LINK)

    Like Arnold, McCain is a a chunky guy with, I would presume, muscles the former Mr. Olympia and Mr. World, the “Austrian Oak”, thinks befits a president. Unlike Arnold, I doubt McCain ever used anabolic steroids.

    Nora O’Donnell on MSNBC thinks the skinny legs remarks is hysterically funny. Hmmmm… making fun of a political candidate’s physique… why do I find her laughing at this almost as offensive as I find Arnold’s comment?

    Here’s one reason.

    Here’s another.

    Obama’s too classy to respond to this, so I will by pointing out that I know Barack can easily out-jump these two white guys big time.

  5. Pablo

    What grade is that arnold guy in anyway?

    Was he trying to be creepy for halloween? It frightens me that americans would vote in a person with such a juvenile, immature mentality.

  6. rsrol

    Barak Obama says that he wants to increase taxes on people and business’ that make more than $250,000 a year. This sounds ok to those of us who make less than that until you look at it logically and to me it starts to look really bad. First, my utility company makes more than $250,000 a year so there taxes will go up and that cost will be passed on to the comsumer -(us)- to make up for lost profits, and lets face it, if they didn’t increase there price’s they would have to cut back on spending and jobs would be one of the first things to go. The same could be said about the local grocery stores, gas stations, and the vast majority of companies out there that provide us with a product or service. 99 percent of the products in my home were made by a company making more than $250,000. And I’m sure that if you looked around your home the same could be said about most of your stuff as well. That means school supplies will go up, medicines, clothes, everything. And what’s worse is that most of us will not be able to afford as many goods and services so demand will drop and those companies will have to downsize and we will still end up loosing jobs. We must not Elect Obama even if this were the only reason.

  7. Pablo

    Good points…
    But keep in mind, if they start jacking the consumers, sales will go down, so the effect you speak of I believe would not be near as extreme as you think. Electricity, for example, may be a necesity, but as most americans don’t do anything to conserve, they would begin quickly if the prices started rising. The only way to get most americans to care about future generations is to hit them in the pocketbook; then they suddenly care deeply.

    People that earn over $250,000 and pass the buck to the consumer when they have to pay a higher tax on the populace they exploit are scum as far as I’m concerned. No, rich isn’t enough, only filthy rich will do. I don’t understand these greedy people…a 10,000 square foot home, a gas-guzzling Escalade or two, maids, even private jets, but they remain insatiable and don’t give a damn about those with nothing, often as a result of their exploitation and/or white-collar crimes. Screw ’em!

    A functional society would reward people based on integrity and goodness, not on the ability to amass fortune at the expense of others! I repeat. Screw ’em!

  8. almandine

    And after the 99% negative opinion pieces you’ve given McCain over the last 6 months or so…

    you now print a partial laundry list of just exactly why John McCain would be the better choice.

    Go figure.

  9. Carl Nemo

    I’m sure you jest Hal Brown with your laundry list concerning McCain’s positives vs. Obama?

    Schwarzenegger, regardless of his fame and fortune conducts himself like the roots from which he came; ie., Austrian turnip diggers. As he once said, if he hadn’t broken out of Austria to the U.S. he’d be digging turnips in Austria. Somehow I see the blockhead hoeing the hardy root rather than walking on stage and sounding like the “village idiot” that he’s become, regardless of his fame and fortune.

    Btw, his body has shrunk to that of an old man for the most part, post his body-building career, courtesy of “Big Pharm”; ie., steroids. If he had built his body naturally then this wouldn’t be so evident in his senior years. In fact, like mostly everything from Hollywood, he’s simply a creation; ie., a public personality courtesy of Joe Weider & Co.

    I do give him credit for what he’s done with his life; ie., immigrating to this country, then advancing himself through bodybuilding and also educating himself to a high degree, along with his success as a businessman. He’s also been a positive force for the sport of bodybuilding etc. Once he broke into bigtime politics he sent message to me and no doubt others that followed his career that he was not only a man on the make, but possibly in short order on the take.

    The man is inherently corrupt, no different than McCain and most if not all “rethugs”. He’s been taking, large contributions from shadowy corporate patrons ever since ascending to the Cali governorship. He’s a businessman first and just discovered another way to feather his nest and bring up the bottom line of his massive portfolio. I’m quite happy that he’s not eligible for the presidency due to the fact he’s naturalized and with Obama’s win, I’m hopeful that any Congressional effort to give him a special pass to the presidency never gets off the ground; ie., a “waiver” concerning the conditions. I’ve never trusted the guy and trust him less the longer he’s in politics.

    I’d like to how well he’d do on a long run or march through Kenya vs. Obama, where his Austrian Oak legs (past tense) would give out as opposed to Obama’s Saluki type build and endurance. The Saluki is a breed of dog known for speed, stamina and endurance and is the oldest known breed of dog. Truly a royal dog among yapping political mongrels I must say.

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. almandine

    In Jest, Carl ???

    Without a doubt. Too bad, though, because both the content and the tone deserve much more consideration than that other 99% of which I spoke that has been nothing short of emetic.

    Nice take on the governator…

    cheers –

  11. Nogood

    When did Nora O’Donnell see the “skinny legs”?????????? This could open up several questions. Hey, Nora, did you see or feel the “skinny legs”???????????????

  12. Hal Brown

    When she showed the video she laughed at it and I thought it was typical Arnold making fun of “girlie men”. He even ranks a paragraph in the Wikipedia definition.

    Why she found it so funny when he mocked Obama’s physique, which women from Michelle to millions of others find quite acceptable, is beyond me.

    I assume to Arnold real men him think women will appreciate being inappropriately fondled by them, and fall in love with their pumped up mirror images.

  13. JerryG

    What the Governator clearly left out of his bodybuilding references to Obama is the fact that Obama has a much larger pair of “testicles” (the political kind of course), unlike Arnold whose “pair” has shriveled to the size of peanuts as a result of all those GOP steroids he’s been popping!

  14. adamrussell

    Ronald Reagan said “The 11th commandment is to speak no ill of another republican”. In other words “If you see a republican doing wrong, just shut up about it. Party loyalty is more important than honor”. I know Reagan is not running, but this commandment is a prime example of the republican culture. A culture that does not value honesty. If you value honor and honesty and you believe as I do that the republican culture has long ago abandoned it, then you should not vote for any republican until they have proven that they do not follow Reagan’s advice that winning is everything and honor is worth less.

  15. Hal Brown

    Reminder new commenters

    please read the Miss Martin’s rules (link on end of every column) for probably the strictest posting rules on any forum. I delete any comments that include personal attacks or insults, even what some may consider mild ones, on another poster. If I delete your post just repost it without the negative personal reference. You certainly can criticize or critique the argument of any commenter. Just don’t criticize them personally.

  16. peagcu12

    Arnold Schwarzenneger. The poster boy for steroids. This guy owes his whole life to steroids and has never once said he regretted taking them. Mr universe, actor and governor. All because Arnold took steroids. What a role model!