Like most Americans, the first time I got to see Palin was at the Republican National Convention. Unlike a lot of Americans, I immediately disliked her and thought that McCain had made a very bad decision in picking her as his running mate. Two months after our first introduction, it looks like my personal dislike is now translating into a national dislike and that many people are agreeing with my initial reaction to Palin.

But, when asked about why I do not like her I find it difficult to really identify this very real negative emotional reaction that I have for this woman. Here are just a few reasons that contribute to my opinion of her:

1. I believe that she is putting her career in front of her family. She has five children, one with down syndrome, and instead of devoting herself to her family, she has instead placed herself in contention for one the of most demanding positions known to man. Despite the feminist point of view that women can have a demanding career and a fulfilling family life, her infant son should be her first priority and her career decisions seem contradictory to her message about her commitment to special-need children.

2. I know that politicians, and their handlers, attempt to connect to a majority of people, through some common theme and message. However, I have a hard time understanding what Palin’s message is supposed to be saying? Her gun toting, hockey puck dropping, not able to give a coherent interview and generally mean positioning I am more confused than ever about who she is supposed to be identifying with?

3. I used to think that the East Coast mentality was perhaps the most elitist section of our county, but I have now changed my opinion and now believe that Alaska has won that title. After hearing that her husband was a long term member of the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP) and that, in her official capacity as governor, gave a glowing recommendation for the party, I am more concerned than ever that she fails to represent the majority of Americans in the lower 48. I really do not want anyone near the White House who wants to succeed from the United States.

4. I do a lot of interviewing and hiring for the company where I work, I have become pretty efficient at smelling B.S. a mile away. Looking at her resume and her interview style at her rallies around the county, I am thoroughly convinced that she is dismally unqualified to run our county, should anything happen to McCain, and she is falling back to the good ole “but I’m a quick learner” line.

5. Another concern that I have seen is her apparent lack of loyalty to McCain. It’s not unusual for politicians to blow with the wind, but to turn on her running mate before the votes are even cast seems pretty despicable. All this talk about her running in 2012 would make me laugh hysterically if she did not really believe that she had a chance.

6. Humor is also causing my negative reaction to Palin. I have lasted through 8 years of hilarious Saturday Night Life skits of Bush, and I am tired now of our leaders being a joke in the eyes of the county and the rest of the world. Although SNL Palin skits have been incredibly funny, we should all be concerned that our top government officials are nothing more than glorified knock-knock jokes.

All of these points that are contributing to my overall dislike and distrust of Palin, and I could probably come up with several others, it still does not explain why when she first walked on the stage back in September and opened her mouth for the first time, I just knew that she was a terrible choice and that I just did not like her. Perhaps I am just a really great judge of character, and I am finding her lacking character in spades.

If anyone reads this and has a list of points of why they really like her, I would love to hear them. The only reason I can come up with for liking her is that she has really strengthened Obama’s position and has essentially guaranteed that he will be our next President. Thank you, Sarah, we appreciate your help and contribution to the Change We Need!

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