I just finished watching the old man make a live speech in Ohio (preceeded by Palin making a live speech in Pennsylvania). As usual, it was full of Obama slashes which were far removed from the truth:

• the claim that Obama would raise everyone’s taxes (and this was in front of a certainly lower-income crowd). This we know is not true, have backed it up with lots of fact and analysis by economists (see NY Times article in previous post) and have listened to Obama and Biden on the same subject. Palin said that Obama flip-flops on taxes, but, as we have seen, Obama has maintained a steady position since the start of the campaign… the flip-floppers have undoubtedly been Republican. The strategy of accusing your opponent of the flaws in your own philosophy is an old Rovian one and most of the electorate seems on to it.

• the claim that Obama is inexperienced… even less experienced than Palin (if you can believe it) … has been disproven over and over again. And the Obama Infomercial the other night, viewed by 33 million voters, probably dropped the bomb on that one.

• painting Obama as a Socialist through the (I’m sure tired of this one) Joe the Plumber context has certainly been ignored by enough Americans who realize that the bank bailout by the Republican administration is the most Socialist event to happen in the US.

Pleeeez… let’s get this over soon. If you can vote early and haven’t, get out and do it now. And vote for Obama.

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