Many may question the true intentions of Barack Obama, but what his critics fail to understand is that hope trumps politics. I am 34 years old and have never voted. I am counting the days, six left, until I can cast my first ballot. It was not politics that finally turned my apathy into action, it was hope. Hope that perhaps things can change, hope that maybe we could have a human being leading our country instead of privileged, pampered blow hard looking for power or blow jobs or both. Hope that maybe our country is actually greater than any of us knew.

I attended an Obama rally this weekend and I have never felt such a sense of connection to other Americans. Generally, my only concern is my own circle of family and friends, keeping my vision narrowed so that I can keep a sense of control over my own fate and circumstance. I am not Republican, Democratic, Independent, Red or Blue. I really believe that I am the standard and not the exception and that politicians are perhaps the least desirable form of human being in the country.

However, standing in line for three hours at the rally, then standing for another three hours in the audience in front of the stage I could not help but listen to the conversations around me. Voices filled with hope and joy and excitement. We all felt like we were a part of history in the making and that, perhaps for the first time, understood the power of our vote and that we all mattered in this country.

Am I a mindless robot blindly being led by parlor tricks and a nice smile? Do I think that somehow right-wing Republicans, who have had their eight years to make this country great, are right about Obama and I am wrong? I guess that only time will tell.

But I would not give up the last 21 months of hope and unity that I have felt for my country, even if the next four years fall short of our lofty expectations. I am so proud of every American who has stood up and said no more! No more to the politician who thinks of the rest of us as mindless idiots to be taken advantage of to sustain insatiable demands for power and influence and money. No more to racism and instead, finally showing the rest of the world that we can see a person for their attributes, achievements and potential rather than their ethnic persuasion.

I guess that my best advice to those few McCain supporters is to please, please stop trying to convince me to give up my hope…you can’t have it, you don’t deserve it and if you want to feel the joy that we feel, vote for Barack Obama on November 4th, you’ll be glad you did!

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