Obama’s show a Valentine to America

    I really hadn’t intended to watch Barack Obama’s 30-minute show Wednesday night, but I’m glad I did.

    Nothing could possibly have shown the difference between the Obama-Biden campaign and its opposition than this show. For 30 minutes, Obama was almost 100 percent positive in his appeal for votes.

    He did say we were wasting $10 billion a month in Iraq, and he did call the ongoing financial crisis a verdict on eight years of failed economic policy. But compare that to his opponents, who essentially have reached the point in their campaign where their only hope is to tear Obama down.

    Obama never said the name John McCain, or Sarah Palin or even George W. Bush. He never mentioned the Republican Party. Almost everything he said was about how we can solve problems, and how Americans need help.

    I wasn’t originally on the Obama bandwagon; heck, I even voted for McCain eight years ago in the California primary.

    I have been voting in presidential elections since casting my first vote for George McGovern 36 years ago, and I can honestly say that the current election will be the first vote I have ever cast for someone I think has the potential to be a great president.

    So don’t listen to the haters.

    Don’t cast a negative vote. If you really think McCain would be a good president, then vote for him, but don’t be scared by the negative campaigning.

    Obama is definitely a good man and an intelligent man. He was the potential to be a great man and a great president, and I believe he truly loves this country and its people.

    Don’t let them fool you.

    Vote Obama this time.