The Ghost Of Joe McCarthy

    The Ghost of Joe McCarthy – Jim Silvers – writer

    They called the man a hero, for years he played the part
    We knew he had the guts and will, we thought he had the heart
    But somewhere in that prison, they sowed an awful seed
    That made him think he was absolved from any future deed

    When he made it to the Senate, his honor was intact
    And when he made a few wrong moves, he somehow pulled it back
    But the seed that they’d implanted, took root within his soul
    As ambition grew unfettered, the hero lost his hold

    And the ghost of Joe McCarthy is howling from the grave
    As Palin and her running mate resurrect the shame
    They’ve conjured up a blacklist, are we that naïve and lame
    To let the ghost of Joe McCarthy speak through John McCain

    Now his fall from grace is written, in his eyes, across his face
    While he’s tried to hide behind the skirts, of a creature filled with hate
    Let the witches stir the cauldron, there’ll be blood on all our hands
    If we give in to the fear they’ve strewn, across our fabled land

    Copyright 2008