We pretty much see the abject failure of today’s Republican Party far and wide.
Admit it, the GOP has become the standard bearer for socialism.
There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING conservative about today’s Republican Party.

You’re right when you trash talk ultra-liberalism because when you get right down to it the only economic difference between ultra lefties and today’s Republicans is that one admits that they prefer socialism for the masses and the latter WILL NOT admit to being the driving force behind socialism/welfare for the wealthy.
That and the latter openly admits that greed and selfishness are admirable traits necessary for survival.

Where does this leave real conservatives?
Without a party, that’s where.

Lately a lot of conservatives have decided to nervously back Obama.
Perhaps this is a signal that many moderate conservatives believe they might have Obama’s ear when he is elected.
At least that’s what they hope, anyway.

Perhaps it is time for today’s disenchanted moderate conservatives to sit down and have a frank and friendly talk with their moderate liberal counterparts.
Maybe this would bring about an earnest effort to remake the Democratic Party into a moderate amalgam of the best of both liberal and conservative thinking.

If you ask me, there’s a far better chance of this happening than any notion of rescuing the Republican Party. They haven’t even had their civil war yet, and I guarantee you heads will roll once the election is over, even if by some miracle McCain does win.

The GOP is NOT going to disgorge the extremist religious whackos and the neocons in this cycle, I guarantee you that. What WILL happen is that one side or the other will be victorious in their takeover, and I ask you..do you want to be a part of either a party that believes in doomed empires or a theocratic cult group?

I don’t. There isn’t enough ranch dressing in the world to make either one taste yummy.

And if Obama does win, and he DOES prove to be a moderate and open-minded leader, it will be a LOT easier to chase out the maniacal, politically correct ultra-lefties.

A moderate Democratic Party that embraces fiscal conservatism to some extent, and which caters to solid common sense government that acts as servant instead of ruler, can be palatable to a great many moderate conservatives, even if they chafe at some of the more outlandish liberal ideas.

It’s the difference between arguing with your somewhat naive brother in law and arguing with the crazy lady next door who has too many cats and passes out holy tracts on the corner while mumbling to herself about the Rapture.

I guess we’ll see what pans out once the skinny man with the funny name takes office. I get tired of hearing how he walks on water, but I am betting he is smart enough to pack a surfboard in case the water is too deep.

If not, it’s going to be impeachment season all over again, and today’s real conservatives will STILL be without a real political party that represents THEIR interests.

And while the impeachment proceeds with aplomb and provides great viewing entertainment, this country will slip even further toward demise.

What do you think?

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