It’s time to get serious about this election, and the most serious question is why would anyone who isn’t rich, racist or totally clinging to God, guns and gays vote for John McCain?

Let’s grant one point first: Barack Obama doesn’t have a tremendous amount of experience.

Let’s grant another one: Obama is a liberal.

Fine, but why would anyone hire a conservative to clean up a mess made by another conservative, especially one who would do almost everything the same way?

McCain wants to cut federal spending. Remember the last guy who cut federal spending in the face of a recession? A guy named Hoover in 1930.

McCain says you don’t raise taxes in a recession, but Obama isn’t raising taxes. He’s transferring some of the burden from those who can afford it least to those who can afford it most.

The one thing Obama is that will serve him extremely well in the presidency is an intellectually curious man. After eight years of Joe Sixpack, it seems to me we’re better off with a guy who made Law Review than with a guy who was fifth from the bottom in his college class.

And we haven’t even mentioned Sarah Palin. The one common reason a ton of Republicans, from William Weld and Colin Powell to Christopher Buckley and Scott McClellan, have endorsed Obama is that they’re terrified of a ticket that would put Palin one elderly heartbeat from the presidency.

Don’t forget that folks named Eisenhower and Goldwater, grandchildren of two legendary Republicans, also have endorsed Obama.

So why are folks voting for McCain?

Well, if you’re a multi-millionaire or better, it’s in your financial interest.

It probably helps if you hate black people too, or at least fear them.

Then there are the God, guns and gays people, the ones who keep getting conned by useful idiots like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity into voting Republican.

There’s good news, though.

This time there are more of us than there are of them. As long as we keep giving 100 percent and run through the tape next Tuesday, we’ll prove that.

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