Ambassadors and other foreign dignitaries support Obama in mass

    Ambassado Peter Bridges writes a great piece about how people in the foreign relations business support overwhelmingly Senator Obama for POTUS.

    We Know the World and We Support Obama

    A friend and former colleague of mine in the Foreign Service, Kevin McGuire, some time ago drafted a short statement of support for Obama and began to ask retired Foreign Service officers if they would sign it. So far 334 of us have done so, including by my count 66 former American ambassadors.

    If you would like to know why we have done so and who we are, you can find our reasons and our signatures at Foreign Policy for Obama.Com: Declaration of Support by Over 280 Former Diplomats.(Ed. note: the number is now over 330.)

    You can go to and click on the link in the left hand column.

    I will remind you that the Foreign Service of the United States is our country’s career diplomatic and consular service. We staff both the State Department in Washington and our embassies and consulates abroad. Usually two-thirds or more of our ambassadors are Foreign Service officers, although both Democratic and Republican administrations have made a number of ambassadorial appointments for political reasons.

    Here is the deal. If the people in the foreign relations business believe that Senator Obama has what it takes to be POTUS, that must mean that they think that Obama would make a better commander in chief than McCain.

    I hope this will provide some comfort for fence sitters.

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