Here we go again with GOP tricks

    Here we go again.

    According to the Lundberg Survey of 5,000 gas stations, prices have fallen nearly 53 cents a gallon over the last two weeks.

    The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline at self-serve stations was $2.78 Friday. Mid-grade was at $2.93 and premium was at $3.05.

    Isn’t it fascinating that gas is becoming more affordable just as Republicans are trying to avoid massive losses in next week’s election?

    Isn’t it fascinating that this seems to happen again and again and again, as long as there are seats in Congress and the presidency at risk?

    Now I’m sure folks will say that it’s the decline in the price of a barrel of oil that is resulting in this, but none of that oil is in the country yet. In non-election years, prices go up quickly and go down slowly.

    I can’t remember ever seeing prices fall this fast.

    It couldn’t be that John McCain is promising massive tax breaks for the oil companies, could it?

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