UPDATE:The wild eyed outraged entry below was based on what I described I was doing in the first sentence: “Flipping around the channels…” I had several friends let me know that I hadn’t seen enough before I made my opinion and blurted it out on this page. So this evening I watched the entire segment with Brocaw and McCain, and realized I’m wrong in my assessment of what was going on. When I tuned in McCain, was spewing a stream of lies and dumbass assertions about Obama, and it seemed that it was time for Brocaw to intercede with some Truth, corrections,of some sort..and I impatiently moved on to Steph, and there’s Lindsey Graham, probably the most repulsive to me personally of the array of Senators desecrating the halls of our Capital…and then “Polenti”..I know, it’s not spelled that way, but he is rather mush faced, like Simple Scottie…and I guess my reflex was Fear. Fear of the tolerance for these freaks after all they’ve done to America; and my Fear turned to Anger, and off I went to this site to voice my outrage that Brocaw didn’t challenge the falsehoods more vehemently..but no need: McCain was not appealing, not what this country, or the world wants, and it’s all gonna be alright. I’m leaving my previous claptrap, as an example of emotion over reason:

Flipping around the “news” channels this morning to see what was up, it looked like there were instructions out to talk up the McCain campaign, if you can call his wild ride to the bottom of the electorate’s esteem, a campaign. Lindsey Graham’s whiny drivel on Stephenopolis, Tim Pawlenty, on Face the Nation, which at least had Gov Rendell on as well, but the most nauseating was the uncontested John McCain on Brocaw’s version of Meet The Press. This guy (Brocaw) is so busy being about himself that there just wasn’t time I guess to interrupt the string of falsehoods and lack of vision spewed by McCain throughout. Brocaw reminds me eternally of the News Guy on Mary Tyler Moore, who’s name escapes me since I really never watched the show. Vain, pompous, and without a original thought in his head. Oh Huntley-Brinkley where are you? Didn’t you spawn a single heir? I think we should just let John Amato and a few others to tape whatever significant clips they deem notable and then go to their web sites to check them out rather than give the incompetents their ratings. Just say NO. Boring, trivial, useless, and fawning..end the yen, support newspapers, online and paper, and wait for MSM to get the message.

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