Memo to Democrats: Don’t buy into Bush’s act

President George W. Bush decided before Tuesday’s mid-term elections to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld but lied, once again, to the press and the American people about his intentions.

Bush admitted Wednesday that he interviewed former CIA director Robert M. Gates over the weekend for Rumsfeld’s job and said he intentionally misled reporters last week about the defense secretary’s future to avoid making the Iraq war more of an issue in the election.

More of an issue? The Iraq war, and Bush’s mishandling of it, was the issue in Tuesday’s rout that swept Democrats back into power in both the House and Senate.

110906bush.jpgOnce again, Bush proved himself unaware of the obvious and oblivious to the voter anger that sent Republicans packing. He blamed GOP losses on voter ignorance, saying Americans didn’t understand the war in Iraq. He chastised political guru Karl Rove, saying “I obviously was working harder in the campaign than he was.” He later would claim the line was a joke but it wasn’t. Bush was clearly pissed at everyone involved in Tuesday’s election debacle.

Everyone but himself.

Wednesday’s press conference was classic Bush. Offer up Rumsfeld as the first of what some expect will be a number of scapegoats for the Tuesday massacre, avoid accepting responsibility for his own culpability and talk about how he hopes to work with Democrats after six years of riding roughshod over them.

When asked about the outrageous claims he made about incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats during the election, saying they favored victory by terrorists, Bush dismissed his inflammatory rhetoric as “just politics.”

“The election is over,” Bush said. “It’s time to move on.”

Yet it’s hard to move on with a President who openly admits lying and then rationalizes that lying as “just politics.”

Bush’s disregard for the truth is just one of his many ethical problems and moral lapses. He lives in a delusional world of his own making, a political allegory that mocks morality, ethics and the law. In his warped mind, all is fair in politics. He and his party proved that over and over in this past election season, using fear, racism, bigotry, homophobia and outright lies to try and hold on to power.

Now that he’s lost, he wants to make nice and demands that the opposition forgive and forget.

A recommendation for incoming Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid: Don’t fall for Dubya’s act. He’s a venomous political snake who will turn and bite at the first opportunity because that’s what snakes do.

Don’t turn your backs on him, don’t trust him for a nanosecond and don’t believe for an instant that he serves any interest but his own.

George W. Bush proved this past week that he will sell out anyone – including his own administration and his party’s leaders in Congress. If, last week, he had announced his decision to replace Donald Rumsfeld, it might have swayed enough voters to keep at least the Senate in GOP hands.

But Bush, for reasons lost somewhere in his deranged mind, decided to lie again to the American people. It was, in the end, another desperate, unexplainable, act by a madman.


  1. neondesert

    Great point you make Doug, about Bush being interested first and foremost in his own interests. One which I think can be boiled down to a simple comparison spurred by the Rumsfeld dismissal.

    Over the past 3 years, nearly 3000 servicemen and several hundred thousand iraqi civilians are killed, 10’s of thousands other americans are wounded, Iraq descends into chaos, billions of dollars are “lost” while little is being accomplished, and the ranks of terrorists have grown daily. Yet it’s an election season which turns out poorly for the president’s party that forces Rumsfeld’s departure.

    That really defines the values Bush places on each of these elements, don’t you think?

  2. Karen

    His behavior is very typical of an ex-addict that never worked at a rehab program. i.e. He wants everything to be nice and good right now no matter what damage his behavior caused over the last six years. He is definitely out of touch with himself and those around him.

  3. Robin

    Immediate reinstatement of habeas corpus needs to occur. The sooner the better.

    I watched some commentary this morning about Rumsfeld and his possible exposure to prosecution in the United States. (Obviously my news sources are not the current mainstream media hacks where you will never find this material)Evidently he has none at this point due to the Military Commissions Act. A case will be reopened in Germany and Rumsfeld will be exposed to prosecution only should he leave this country.

    We are just locking the skunks in here with us where we will have to smell them endlessly until they follow the law of nature and die. Not even these so-called Christians can escape nature. How will they reconcile their crimes with the God they claim to be in such intimate contact with? That would be one very interesting procedure to watch.

    What keeps going through my mind is this: Never in the history of this country have we given criminals the right to declare immunity for themselves. Immunity always had to be granted by an outside party. By passing this act, it is clear that all of them realized that they broke laws. It makes me sick and sad.

    Now I suppose that any activist group can simply be declared “terrorists”, gunned down in the streets of America, and no one will be held accountable. After all, anything goes in the war on terror, right? I think we are being ruled by home-grown terrorists now!

  4. SniperDoc

    First of all, Doug seems to have a particular way with words that really hits home. Well done Doug.

    Like Steve, I too was rather disturbed at Pelosi’s statement that “Impeachment is off the table”. Some of these people are in league with each other, regardless of which side of the isle they sit on.

    I wanted to make a number of statements here, but it looks like Doug, glennk1949, bryionak, John, Magginkat, kiki and Steve have pretty much nailed it.

    Here’s a question: What’s it going to take for the voting public to realize that there are a number of third parties available for us to vote for? The most notable of which, is the Libertarian Party.

    What do you think? Could “The Party of Principle” screw it up any worse than the “Republicrats” and the “Demopublicans”?

    I would love to discuss the forming of a kind of coalition with anyone else who’s as frustrated as I am. Drop me a line. SniperDoc

  5. jerry

    The mess these people made (both Republicans and Democrats)cries out to be cleaned up. We mustn’t let this bunch of “corporate whores” (the Congress) destroy our Constitution as they have tried to do. We MUST hold their feet to the fire and DEMAND that the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act be repealed and Bush and Cheney, et al. need to be impeached and convicted and then criminally prosecuted.

    If we do these things, the entire world will probably forgive us for the crimes we committed under this Administration’s and Congress’ rule!

    We must stop the creation of a North American Union and we must repeal NAFTA, CAFTA, and all the other “free” trade treaties that have disadvantaged the American worker! God help us.

  6. S. Reid Warren, III

    Why are we surprised that Bush will blame others and excuse his own behavior? He was a drunk at one time – drunks blame others and excuse their own actions. Although he quit and booze and found Jesus, he never actually got treatment for his addiction – nevere really had to face up to why he boozed. He’s just a grown up frat boy with all of his chummy names for the other guys in the frat house – Kenny Boy, Rummy et al.

  7. SharonD

    Bravo to Doug. Furthermore, I agree with most of the other comments. I do, however, take exception to one – the one from “bryionak” is totally ridiculous. Not only is it unfathomable to use the word “honorable” and Bush in the same sentence, it is also a total falsehood to say that he has tried to work with the Democrats. He won’t work with anyone. It is his way or the highway. Now, fortunately, he can take the highway if he wants. Nobody cares except the fools that actually believe him. Thankfully their numbers are fewer now. Bravo to the intelligent people who have seen through the veil of narcissism and a tyrant who only cares about himself and his cronies. Unfortunately those who believe him are fools who will never understand or learn from their mistakes.

  8. Barbara Mathews Blanton

    Don’t forget folks that Bush is probably a “dry drunk”. The “dry” is only because we really have no evidence of his active sobriety over the last years. A dry drunk is someone who quit drinking but never goes through a program that gets at remediating the behaviors that are universal to substance dependence such as lying, anger problems, manipulating etc. A recovery program followed by a long term peer program such as Ann Richards and other high profile politicians (and millions of others including my son and my professional colleagues).

    Recovery is not just quitting, it is learning new, honest behaviors that last a life time. Alcoholism springs from a disease process but the learned behaviors have to be changed or the person is more likely to relapse or have difficult relationships with family, friends, peers and others (including those he/she leads)

    Peer support from those who share the same experiences helps to keep you on the path of healing and growth over the long term.

    Bush’s less attractive behaviors seem to me to go back to these character flaws never really changed from his old addiction days.
    The booze may not be there but the behaviors remain.

  9. WillyBoyBlue

    ALL politicians lie!! Can you name a politician who is neither a liar and/or a hypocrite. Like the saying goes, “Sooner or later, it all comes out in the wash”. I do, however, hope Rummy will come out and blast the Bush Administration right out from the bottom of the barrel. The other catalyst would be Condoleeza Rice. She about fed up with Bush BS. It would be a fabulous and appropriate send off to the Bush tyranny for these two to light the final fuse….

  10. The dems are being both smart and acknowledging reality when they say no impeachment, no matter how much the rabid left wants it. 1) the country is still in a 50-50 balance 2) dems only hols a bare majority in the senate(you need 60 to convict) 3) get rid of GWB, that makes Cheney prez 4) do the same to Cheney then whoever he makes his VP becomes prez or 5) convict Cheney before he apoints new VP(like Nixon) then the dem speaker becomes prez. The country will not stand for that
    Investigations can be done in conjunction with other business, these people are supposed to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time(altho you would not know that from the last 6 years)

  11. Rob

    bryionak –

    Please explain how lying to this country yet again makes Bush ‘somewhat honorable.’ Why? Because he admitted it? Because now he claims he didn’t want to muddy the election waters with a war-policy decision? Do you honestly believe that if Bush thought Rummy was an election-day liability, he would have given him a full vote of confidence last week? No. Bush was clearly caught completely off-guard by this watershed, and now has to backtrack to explain away his decisions. (And please note that it seems to be much easier for GW to say “I lied” than to say “I was wrong.”)

    P.S. – Rush Limbaugh pretty much admitted lying for the past few months to his listeners, claiming he was simply ‘carrying the water’ for the RNC. Is this ‘somewhat honorable,’ too?

    P.P.S. – It’s the Democrats fault Bush hasn’t been able to work with them? Really? I guess that by “work with” you mean “agree blindly to bad policy.”

  12. Ted

    Only a fool would believe in either Pelosi’s promise not to impeach or Bush’s promises about anything.

    I would love to see Bush at trial trying to juvenilely defend his lies with more lies.

    Let the investigations begin. Four years too late but better late than never.

    Its about justice stupid!!!

  13. Irene

    Could it be that Bush, knowing the mood of the nation has become venemous, decided to sacrifice the Senate so that he would look like less of a bad guy by “working with” the new Dem majority? If he’d fired Rummy last week; yes, they might not have lost the Senate, but perhaps in his warped perspective he felt that any Republican control in Congress could still negatively affect him over his final 2 years in office. So, in order to go out with people “liking” him again, he might have decided to allow the Dems a better chance of full control of Congress so he could “make nice”, as Doug puts it, and, thus, look better than he has been lately. And, if the Republicans had won, he’d be able to keep Rumsfeld on as he’d stated.

    Although I have no idea if he’s intelligent enough to think like this, I think it’s possible. He likes being adored. He likes being “worshipped”. He was losing that ground to hate and bitterness instead, even within the RNC. Maybe this is how he plans to salvage what’s left of his reputation.

    I love Cagle’s cartoon today. Rumsfeld lying on the floor behind Bush and the podium at the press conference with dozens of knives in his back, but agreeing with Bush that he should step down for the good of the nation. That’s just how I felt about it when I saw it – as much as I dislike all of them, I felt he was, himself, lied to and backstabbed. Let’s hope the Democrats aren’t as foolish with their power and really try to avoid the corruption and arrogance of the current administration.

  14. Jason Shapiro

    I think the D’s need to take some time to give back to the R’s exactly what those lowlifes have been dishing out since 1994. As for impeachment, it is probably justified but it would probably fail – if for no other reason than there is still a reservoir of anti-Democratic hatred in the House and Senate. Also, do you really want Cheney to sit in that chair – even for one day? For one hour? Impeachment would also play right into Republican hands for the 2008 elections in terms of painting Democrats as reckless and emotional. I think the evidence of Bush’s crimes, exposed after some exhaustive hearings on the Hill regarding prewar intelligence, no-bid Haliburton contracts, etc. is much better presented on the front page of every paper in America than before the Senate sitting in judgment of a lame duck president.

  15. Miss Grace

    Make no mistake, Bush and the rest of the Evil Axis are just a committed to PNAC now as in the past. If anything, the Reps stinging defeat will drive Bush’s agenda more than ever. I suspect that the WTC conspiracy will look like child’s play compared to what the Evil Axis cooks up in the next couple of years. After all, it’s all just collateral damage to them.

  16. Richard Melvin

    There is one thing Doug Thompson forgot to mention: Bush is a poisonous snake who is revising his political past as he speaks. At today’s (de)press conference he talked the big talk about fiscal responcibility, etc. (traditional republican values) and now we are supposed to believe he is for fiscal responcibility, a smaller, less intrusive federal government that protects individual rights? I think this snakes venom has affected his own mind and needs a lot of therapy. Damn right, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

  17. This election was bitter sweet for me. My candidate lost, but the American People took back their Congress.

    We were slipping into fascism pretty fast. Perhaps our new Congress might be able to repeal the loss of many of our freedoms under the 109th Congress.

    In any event, the “people” need to continue to be ever vigilent.

  18. JUDY B.


  19. Nick

    There is a 2000lb gorilla in the room that is the culmination of all the illegal and secretive acts taken on by the Bush Administration. Bush is looking for scapegoats, someone to blame, to avoid this gorilla with “Impeachment” emblazoned on his forehead.

    I am not a revengful man, but people do need to be held accountable for their actions. The Bush Admin. is not above the law.

    Who’s next in line to be sacrificed? Dick Cheney? Paul Wolofwitz? Condi Rice?
    Just wait until the new Congress begins to investigate the gross expenditures in Iraq. The trail could lead straight to Halliburton & co. and possibly to the man who once led it… Cheney.

    Nancy Pelosi is a classy woman with guts, intelligence and honor. It will be tough for her to continue to not want our country bogged down in impeachment hearings, once the leaks begin to surface. We need to move beyond that and attempt to regain what we’ve lost the last 6 years.

    Of course, after they leave office, they would still be subject to investigation and possible prosecution. I would highly doubt if any pardons would be made by any Dem. However, Bush could pardon his clan. I wonder how he could avoid it himself?

    Bush cannot be trusted and should be regarded as inept and a lame duck. Vetos should be over-ridden.

  20. South Point Man

    What? No impeachment of Lips and Cheney? Sodamn Insane, ex-dictator of Iraq, gets the death sentence for the murder of less than 200 people, but Lips and Cheney get away with their complicity in the 1st degree murder of over 3000 people on 9/11?

    Why? How does this benefit the democrats? Why would they want to protect Lips and Cheney who are republicans and consistently proven themselves very anti-democrat? Murder is murder and murderers need to be dealt with as murderers. That murderers may be a president and vice-president is completely irrelevant. Murderers are murderers.

    Sodamn Insane is not the only one who needed to be put on trial for the ultimate evilness one person can do to another.

    Let the impeachment proceedings begin…

    1st degree murder absolutely cannot be tolerated, no matter who it was done by.

    So, President Pelosi, will you try to restore America back to its spirit of the Constitution and respect and dignity that is to be given to people’s lives? Will history record Pelosi as one of America’s greatest presidents?

  21. anthnytap

    I don’t trust either Bush or Rove. The thing with these guy’s is they just might throw another 9/11 on us. The only investigation I would like done is why Cheney was running war games in New York City on 9/11 and running NORAD off on a wild goose chase.

  22. Lou Raskin

    Bush’s house of cards is in free fall. Doug is right on with his view of nor believing what GWB says. For six years I have heard Bush say this, and the reality was that—180 degrees apart.

    I also agree there will be the “eating of his own kind” looking to place blame, never accepting any responsibility—Rove has said many times the King does not make mistakes.

    I foresee the Rs attempt to do damage control to improve their position in 2008; to do this, there will be a steady stream of attacks against the D-Congressional majority.

    Such deep rooted patterns are difficult to overcome.

  23. nick

    While I would love to see the whole Bush Admin. impeached, tried and jailed for their crimes, I fear the country could not withstand such a horrific scenario. Revenge is never sweet nor morally uplifting. It doesn’t correct anything and never has a winner.

    We, as the electorate, just called Bush on the carpet for the last 6 years. If you’ve seen any photos of him from yesterday, he was not a happy man and looked very worried and/or upset. We have put the people into office that can do our bidding. I would hope they begin to put us on the proper course and deal with the problems, one of which is the Bush Admin. and its aura of secrecy, lies and corruption.

    I do not disagree with the claims that this gang of thugs were responsible for horrendous acts of a capital nature.

    I fear our country being bogged down in revenge and retribution, losing focus on the future and the reparation that needs to occur for our future to be brighter. I don’t know if Congress can legislate and deal with the issues of our time and still handle impeachment hearings. If you remember the Watergate and Clinton hearings, you will remember that not much else was accomplished during those days.

    I would rather see the perpetrators be prosecuted for their acts, leaving Bush to flail in the wind, waiting for the axe to fall. Then, once he’s out of office, indict & prosecute him.

    I don’t believe (I don’t know Ms. Pelosi nor have any idea of her interests) Nancy Pelosi would want to be President under such circumstances. She would rise to the occassion if called upon to do so, I am sure, as it would be her duty to do so at that time.

    Let’s see how Congress performs to an agenda, seeing how much can be accomplished in fixing our country, before entering into a serious impeachment investigation.

  24. you have to be incredibly dumb (dumber than bush) and naive to think that Bush is the only one using “political rhetoric” in political campaigns.. come one now.. get some common sense

  25. troy

    Im not a bush supporter or a bush basher i dont really care, this country was bought and paid for a long time ago, so just deal with it. i do like everyones pesonal opinion about bush, these pwoplw should be psycologists.

  26. glennk1949

    Isn’t it interesting that Bu$hCo had Saddam convicted and sentenced to hang on Sun. & the voters did the same thing to Bu$h on Tues. For Saddam it’s a kind of rough non-justice he deserves and the same for Bu$h. One big difference Saddam will die as he is left twisting at the end of a rope he fashined with a life of murderous “evil.” Bu$h though will not die but instead will be left twisting in the wind of his own self-created whirlwind. For Saddam it’s death for Bu$h a kind of limbo of slow political death, earned by his murderous “evil” acts as well. Bu$h and Bu$hism represents the same kinds of energy in American society as Saddam did in Iraqi society. Good riddance to them both.

  27. bryionak

    So it would have been better for Bush to get rid of Rummy prior to the election so the Reps would have kept the Senate?

    I think it is somewhat honorable for Bush to not use the dismissing of Rumsfeld for political gain. If he had done it a week ago, you would hev just said, he is doing it try to save the election and chided him for using the war for personal politics.

    Bush had tried numerous times to work with Dems and failed because of Dems. This atempt will fail too because of Dems, NCLB, immigration, Soc Sec, Medicare pres Drugs. These are all issues he tried to work with Dems on and these are all the reasons why the Reps lost on Tuesday. Well these and the war. The war eneergized the Dems, these other issues demoralized the Reps.

    And the claims Bush made about pelosi pale in comparison to claims made about Bush by the Dems for the last six years. Politics is a contact sport, I think Pelosi is tough enough to take it, don’t you?

  28. I pray and hope that Democrats have finally learned that hatred is the bottom ground of all politics.

    This administration has been so totally corrupt that we might have to go the route of a truth commission in order to find out all the crimes (including 911) that is has done.

  29. I have read several commentaries today that echo my feeling. Something is rotten in Denmark!
    Why are the rabid right Republicans being so quiet about the election results, especially after the vile campaign they conducted?

    I am suspicious of what they will try to do in the period between now and January.

    After that the thought enters my mind that they are up to no good when the next election rolls around? Will there be a new terrorist attack that will be blamed on Dems?
    In any case I agree with Doug… don’t trust that vile little man no matter what kind of phony front he puts forward.

    Something smells like a rat.

  30. kiki

    Doug, you’re entirely correct about watching your back with Bush. Mr.”I’m The Decider” and “I’ve got political capital to spend” is not suddenly going to “play nice”. It should be glaringly obvious to the recipients of his smirks that the skunk has not changed his stripes.

    However, we cannot waste our time with investigations and hearings into the past. Make no mistake-revenge would taste sweet to all of us. But the hard truth is that we have perhaps only 2 years to undo 6 years of dangerous laws. With a packed SCOTUS and an angry, deluded Bush, our work is clear.

    First, get things under some semblance of control and get out of Iraq. Secondly, repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and all the other dangerous rights crushing laws recently passed.

    Only THEN should we indulge in the dubious luxury of hearings, subpoenas, and “paybacks”.

  31. What concerns me is the “no impeachement” stance taken by Democrats yeseterday – that’s placing the President above the law – my understanding of America was that none of us is above the law.
    GW has lied from the day he first considered running for President – in fact failure to tell the truth is the sole consistent factor of his administration(s) –
    We need to really clean house – in this case – the White House.
    As for KKKarl Rove – his failure during this election cycle should be noted – he failed to fool the majority of the people all the time. Guess we’re not as stupid as the Bush administration and KKKarl Rove seemed to think we were …..



  32. Lysistrata

    Bush did not have to lie about Rumsfeld, he could have said “no comment”
    Whatever happened to that phrase?

    Now the results of his policies are in and the voters can’t be fooled as easely. He is the guy who said he wants to see results.

  33. marew

    Right on! So Bush admitted he lied about keeping Rumy on board before the elections. Big deal, he lies all the time about everything. Showing my age here…back when I was in HS, we had to take a course in Americanism vs. Communism. One thing we were taught was that if the Commies told a lie to further their agenda, they believed the ‘statement’ became a truth…just like Bush does now. He IS a snake who will bite at the first opportunity. Liars and incompetents don’t change overnight.

  34. MikeM

    The no impeachment promise could be reluctantly and forgiveably broken should some heinous crime come to light or should the administration refuse to comply with one or more congressional subpoenas. That’s the game, make it seem that there is no choice but to impeach. It is a good game. I wish the Democrats well.

  35. Jay

    Bushs sewage like credibility and his ability to con the nation is finished and yet he keeps trying. Amazing.

  36. Justin

    you lazy bastards need to get a real job, quit bitching about everything that hasnt been freely handed to you, and start having some fucking pride in your country

    If this country was as full of pussies as it is now, we would all be speaking fucking german right now. You fucking east coast liberals need to thank the midwestern conservatives, because if it wasnt for us, the entire country would be on welfare and the best friends of the french.


  37. Steve

    I think this whole political mess is way beyond names. I voted against Dubya both times and somehow he still got in and remained. Honestly, though, how much different would our country be no matter what name appears as Commander in Chief? This government, and country, needs to take a serious step backwards. Back to the time we were so sick of the rotten people in the world that we stood up, turned our backs to them and built our own country, for our own people, by our own people. Everyone had a voice, and it was heard. It was fair. And now that we are “number one” it’s every man for himself. Every promise told gets broken once someone gets the office, the world hates us, and we hate ourselves. Everywhere you turn its screw your neighbor and to hades with your brother. Whatever happened to humanity, and is it so far out of reach that no one even cares to try and get a grasp on it anymore?

  38. stracken tonho

    Somebody said and very well that all the politicians lied and I have my own share of testifying that it is indeed true. Believe me or not, sometimes they really have to lie…That is the way it is….However, smart people know how to lie and don’t get in trouble…unfortunately bush is not the sharpest knife in the drawer….He gets caught on his own mind …The man is sick…is father was a much smarter person…maybe he has a complex…I bet he does…
    Shure that he did the best he can but he is not a person to be a president of a country like the US…I still can’t believe that people elected him in first place..c’mon ..bush does not know how to make a speech….

    I guess bush got elected by many people because ,although they knew he is not very smart, they thought that the “party” could help him out with their intelligent people…was also a revenge for the stupidity of mr balls of steel B Clinton…the problem is that Bush had the last word and like I said he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer…. I told several republican friends when the war was starting that the war was going to last more than everybody was thinking because Bush does not understand the motivation of the so called “insurgents” or iraquis..please spare me your explanation :) . I am really sorry that so many people had to die before many people realize that bush is a moron and the “party” can’t change the president’s small mind.

  39. SrA Ryan

    Call me crazy but the public regardless of political party is pathetic. You all cry the min. something does not go your way. If the country is doing poorly than its the presidents fault or the war’s fault or high gas prices, etc etc etc…
    I find that today’s general population has never fought for their freedom let alone work a little for it.
    The day after Sept 11 everyone screamed that someone must pay. Now 5 years later everyone seems to forget that 1000’s of civilians died and how outraged the entire world was. So if Bush had done nothing and not gone to war; what would your reaction have been? Would you have been angry that we did nothing about it? Would you have been surprised when it happened again? Lets think back a bit and remember which president was in office before Bush that cut the US Military by nearly half. I don’t suppose that affected our abilities to wage war properly. Not to mention we still aren’t back to the standards we were used too. And which one of the two Presidents was actually impeached due to lie’s? Please people take a min to forget about your ego’s and look at the bigger picture. Perhaps a little time in a world where you have no freedom’s will open your eyes.

  40. Gloria Bryant

    We don’t need to impeach these criminals. We do need to indict them for their high crimes and treasonous acts. The counsel at Nuremberg mentioned quite a while ago that Bush and cronies fit the definition of international criminals. That’s where they should be tried for their crimes against humanity.

    Bush is personally responsible for more deaths, Iraqi and American, than Saddam Hussein and in a shorter time frame.

    Put them in jail and leave them there!

  41. Rob

    SrA –

    This war is not going badly because of a lack of military resources…its going badly because the resources we do have are being horribly mismanaged.

    You say “Perhaps a little time in a world where you have no freedom’s (sic) will open your eyes.” Gitmo, warrantless government wiretaps, FISA warrants, the death of Habeus Corpeus…to be honest, I’m not sure I can stand much more of that sort of freedom.

    My eyes are open.

  42. Kent Shaw

    Doug or Whomever,
    Thank you for opening The Rant once again for public comment. I annoyed one of the moderators once upon a time and have never again been granted access to the more formal forums. Thanks again.

  43. aces

    Bush is a liar. Always has been, always will be. He could never pass a lie detector test. It will be fun to watch when the hearings start.

  44. Sandy Price

    No Impeachment please! I want to watch Bush sweat everyday in the next two years to let him know we now understand what kind of a man he is. He is an accomplished liar to will use and abuse anyone for his own gain.

    Besides if anyone wants to impeach Bush, they will have to impeach the whole damn White House.

    I want to watch all the Bush supporters who are still in Congress sweat too! I’m furious that we still have Kyl to kick around again and I wanted him out!

  45. David Ellis

    Pelosi’s promise not to impeach Bush isn’t from any kindness or love, it just won’t be successful. You need 60 Senators to convict, and at best we got 52. Nothing makes me happier than Tuesday’s victory, but we got a long way to go, folks, in educating the dumber-than-celery American public about decency, ethics, rule of law and karma.

  46. no name

    Impeachment must be the way to make George Bush accountable. We cannot let this man get away with his crimes. To do so, would be to let a precident of presidential flouting of the law of the land. If we let him do it, then another fascisto could come along and think the door is open.

    If we pride ourselves on the law of the land, then we must use that law to kick Bush and all his proteges OUT. We cannot let it stand that all of his offenses are acceptable and we cannot play politics to let him stay in office.

    What else would fortify the nation than to hold a criminal preisdent accountable for his horrific acts? It is all we have–we cannot let him get away with it — it is simply conterproductive to do so, if the pride of the nation is considered.

  47. keith

    Doug, you are absolutely correct…. I still don’t trust the mealy-mouthed lair now occupying the White House, either. And, the timing of the Rumsfeld “firing” stinks to high heaven.

    Waiting until AFTER the election to do so (when doing so BEFORE the election might well have kept the Republicans in one or both houses of Congress in power) simply leads me to believe that Bush and his Cabal are still hard at work trying to hold onto their OWN power. They are willing to do ANYTHING…including sacrificing their own members of Congress…to hang onto it.

    When Bush announced Rumsfeld’s departure (and conceded that he once again LIED to all of us about his intentions in the process) I immediately thought of all the young men and women who have now died in Iraq for absolutely no other reason but to keep this crowd firmly in power. And, while they may have lost a political “battle” by the Democrats now taking over both houses of Congress, my hunch is these SOBs have yet to concede defeat in their ongoing political “war” to rule the planet.

    Could Bush’s grand strategy have been little more than throwing his Republican cohorts in the Congress to the wolves NOW so as to get the Democrats in power in time to let THEM screw things up for 2008? Then, he and his neocon handlers could once again go after the “big prize” …putting another one of “their own” in the White House bully pulpit?

  48. Kent Shaw

    Edited for grammar and spelling: “Impeachment must be the way to make George Bush accountable. We cannot let this man get away with his crimes. To do so, would be to set a precedent for presidential flouting of the law of the land. If we let him do it, then another fascista could come along and think the door is open.”

    Exactly. Someone like Hillary Warhawk Arrogant Opportunist Clinton. I hate Bush almost as much as I hate her.

  49. South Point Man

    Fancily and theatrically impeached or just plain arrested, charged, tried, and convicted… I don’t care which. There’s is just one place Lips and Cheney deserve to go: Leavenworth for life.

    As no name put it:
    “What else would fortify the nation than to hold a criminal president accountable for his horrific acts? It is all we have–we cannot let him get away with it — it is simply conterproductive to do so, if the pride of the nation is considered.”

    Pride. Don’t tread on me. Don’t tread on us. We aren’t anyone’s slaves and we aren’t anyone’s doormat.

    Their new home sweet home..

    And because we’re such nice folks, we won’t even demand that Lips and Cheney be waterboarded or other such acts of sadistic torture which Lips and Cheney seemed to be so keen on having done to other people.

  50. Spartan75

    Way to be, Doug. The election is over and all you’ve got to offer is more of the same mindless partisan hate directed at our own people. You and many others have tipped the balance of power by playing the allegator game and dividing the nation. Now, will someone step up and govern in these difficult times or will we just lurch around with the bitter political paybacks? You, sir, had much to contribute and instead offered nothing beyond empty “rant.” Thanks.

  51. Rob

    Yeah, Doug, quit dividing the country! Why can’t you be more like that nice George W, who has historically been so accepting of opposing viewpoints?

    Wow, Spartan75, thank you for the most surreal post of the week.

  52. Festus

    Things happen for a reason and “what goes around often comes back around” The spirits of over 3,000 innocent lives from 911 WTC want to know why GWB, Condi and crew ignored CIA warnings and over 2700 spirits of soldiers who died for false reasons for shedding innocent American blood. The American people have an obligation and responsibility to pressure the Dems to make this administration accountable . If they play “nice,” they deserve to loose in 08 for being irresponsible.

  53. Ralph

    Try this: Bush is instructed to create the North American Union and advance NAFTA trade with China. Republican House resists – big time. Answer?: Get together with a Democrat House and enact a “comprehensive immigration solution.” Voila. Done deal! Oh yeah, the wall. What wall?

  54. South Point Man

    The word “payback” keeps being bandied about here and elsewhere.

    I’ts not about payback. (Although there is some degree of the satisfaction of revenge, of course.)

    What we want are proper and genuine criminal investigations, with arrests and charges being made where necessary.

    Terrible wrongfulness was done and we want it exposed and those responsible for the wrongdoing brought to justice.

    Or is it perfectly alright for people to be murdered, for war profiteering to go on, for the Constitution to be destroyed, yadda yadda yadda? Damn right, it ain’t.

  55. Spartan75

    I think most of the hatred and accusations expressed by many on this board and in Doug’s rants speaks quite well and clearly regarding your vision. Well, enjoy the power and urge its use consistemt with the unwarranted belief that it is your fellow countrymen that are the villains in this piece. I suspect many of you don’t have children who will live in the kind of country you are working to create. Orwell wrote about it.

  56. Lorraine Iervolino

    I think Bush lied to the Press about when he decided to

    fire Rumsfeld. I think he decided that just before he announced Rumsfeld’s

    resignation and just before he interviewed his potential


    Bush is a very stupid man. First off, the statement he

    made to the press about keeping Rumsfeld and the Vice President on, until the

    end of his term, shows his stupidity. He can’t fire the Vice President, who was

    elected, not nominated for the Office

    Secondly, firing Rumsfeld weeks before the election

    probably would have helped many of the GOP’s candidates keep or win

    their seats. It certainly would have shown the voters, especially their base

    voters, that Pres. Bush was serious about taking the war in Iraq in a new


    But, the war in Iraq was not the whole reason voters

    wanted a change. They saw the corruption, the moral breakdown, the hypocrisy,

    etc., from the GOP, over the past six years and the voters put their collective

    feet down.

    What no one is talking about is the war that is going

    on, here on American soil. No, I am not talking about Dem. verses Rep. I am

    talking about the War On The Middle Class. We have the rich and the poor, but

    whom is considered middle class? That term has become extremely fuzzy. I

    use to consider myself as mid-line middle class. Now, I have slipped down to the

    ranks to become the retired poor. We make too much money to qualify

    for financial help, but too little to stretch our retirement dollars to allow us

    to feed ourselves for the whole month. Since we are both disabled, we cannot

    rejoin the work force, even though we really need to.

    Our 401K dollars and investments were devastated,

    by the fall of the stock market, after Bush took office. It wasn’t until this

    year that the Market regained and surpassed the level it was, under the Clinton

    administration. My husband retired in 2005 and the money left in our account was

    just enough to pay off our mortgage, cars, credit cards and a small loan. We

    used the money we had left, in that manner, to leave us with only our property

    taxes, utility bills and insurance costs. After each month’s SS check comes

    in, bills are payed and money is put aside for the insurance and property taxes,

    leaving us with $300 a month for food, gas and incidentals. Try living on


    The thought of Bush’s plan to move SS to private

    investment scares me to death. We lost $172,000.00 in our 401K money between

    Bush’s first and middle of second terms of Office. Money we had counted on to

    supplement my husband’s SS checks.

    Even though I am disabled, I could not collect SS

    disability because I did not have enough work credits for the last 10 years.

    Mind you, before I quit working, I had been in the work force since the age

    that I could obtain working papers! My reward for quiting my job, to

    become a care giver to my dying mother-in-law, was not being able to receive the

    help I needed when I became disabled.

    Since I am too young to retire, I am also, without any

    health insurance. Can’t afford to buy even the basic plan for myself. My husband

    is covered under Parts A and B, a private medigap plan and a drug card that

    gives us a discount on prescriptions.

    Who will change the 10 year working credit rule?

    Who will watch out and protect the middle class? Who will help people who went

    from making $74,000.00 a year down to $19,000.00 a year?

    The GOP have never put in any effort to protect the

    workers, poor, aged, young or disabled. I have only seen, in my 54 years that,

    the only party that has done that, in the past, has been


  57. Fritz P

    The fact that Bush will hold the bible in one hand and lie to the american people is hardly a surprise to many of us. We have felt he was the biggest liar in politics. Many are just now coming to realize this fact.

    This mid-term election was defenitely a statement about Bush and not the actual candidates that ran. This particular group of Republicans seem to put the partu interest above anything else. What a shame. I hope the Dems coming in can right many of the wrongs of the past 6 years. Get America back to the respected nation it was.

    The Foley case was a glad goodbye to the failed “family values” lies as well. Once again, the Republicans cared more about the party thatn a young man that was being stalked by obe of their members.

    Farewell to the policies of being a thug. What I find odd is that we want to hang Saddam for killing 143 people. Meanwhile we do not impeach a coward that led us into a war that has killed more than 400,000 citzens of this planet. I think impeachment and a war crimes trial should be brought against Bush.

  58. nikolai

    I’ve got a good project for the Democrats. Among straightening out the most important things the Republicans have fouled up, the Dems should include the following Congressional investigation. Why was WTC Bldg 7 “pulled?” Mr. Silverstein, please step up here before Congress, the press, and the American public and explain to us exactly why and how this was done in detail, and how the bldg was wired so quickly in the midst all of the chaos and debris. Must’ve been some hotshot team of demolition experts you had handy in your hip pocket! Could it be that it’s not possible time wise that a demolition team could have completely wired bldg 7 with explosive charges and been ready and waiting for an order to “pull it” once you gave the word? Hmmmm… Not likely Mr. Silverstein, not likely. Now then, Mr. Silverstein, could it be that bldg 7 was pre-wired before the planes struck the twin towers? All the evidence seems to be pointing towards that Mr. Silverstein, so Congress will be this investigating further. Please do not leave town Mr. Silverstein, as you are under subpoena.

  59. mike

    wow – interesting site. A bunch of political professionals here…..Granted everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I consider myself to belong to neither party and believe that government should govern from the center – however i have to say for all the complaining people are doing about the president and Republicans in general – guess what – the majority of you all VOTED for these people. That is how they got into their office’s. Now if no on on this site voted from them – that places you in the minority…….

    Government seems to cater to minority groups which is SAD. It should cater to the masses. while everyone is not going to be pleased – that is what has to be done……….

    So if you don’t like the way government works, try running yourself if you feel you have all the answers…….

  60. Jerry

    Nice post Mike

    All i would add to that is to ALL local, state and federal employee’s and those who have been elected is this:

    STOP AIRING YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY amongst the general public. You all are voted in to do your job. all everyone does is point fingers. WE – THE PEOPLE – WHOM YOU WORK FOR – don’t care to hear you complain and push off responsibilities or point fingers. If i did this in MY job, i’d get fired. Learn to work together and get the job done.

    I am sorry – if i hear one more politican complain – i am going lose my head….

    On that note – when you air your ADS on media outlets – tell me why i should vote for you… using your ads to point fingers and explaining why i shouldn’t vote for your apponent tells me NOTHING about why i should vote for you.