What happens when a law enforcement officer – especially a good one – goes to prison?

According to one anonymous prison nurse in Texas, the guards may not like everything that happens, but for the sake of peace, they will all look the other way. There is an unwritten rule in all prisons that any cop is fair game.

How about a top DEA agent who put a lot of drug lords away and who subsequently has to spend some time at Club Fed? Especially one who is not so young anymore and is in physically poor health? How long will he live? Five minutes? Maybe ten minutes, if he’s very, very lucky?

Make no mistake – whatever they may call Cele Castillo’s sentence for buying and selling guns without a license at a Texas gun show (which, folks, happens to be completely legal), any prison sentence at all for this man is a sentence of death just as surely as if the judge had sentenced Castillo to the needle.

So what is Castillo’s real crime? He has the goods – documentary evidence – to put the sitting president’s father away for a long, long time for his illegal smuggling activities during Iran Contra. Unfortunately, Castillo also has a sense of honor – he just won’t keep his mouth shut.

Wow, some hardened criminal, huh? Our streets surely will be safer when this guy is gone.

Worse, his aging mother is afraid he will go away for long enough that she won’t see him again before she passes on. Clearly, she does not even understand that if Castillo even enters Club Fed, he is highly unlikely to be coming out at all. It might be worthwhile to pull that sweet lady’s phone records. Has she been getting pushy and scary phone calls lately? She’d never tell her son, of course, but I surely wouldn’t bet against it.

Once Castillo chose to plead this case out, he was discredited in the eyes of the public. Joe Q. Six-Pack and Jane Q. Soccer-Mom are so damned scared of firearms they won’t even bother to check the law. The information Castillo has no longer has any value at all, unfortunately, but any of us with mothers are forced to understand why he has done this.

Who is Cele Castillo? His full name is Celerino Castillo III, and he is an American hero and the descendant of other heroes from other wars. Cele fought in Viet Nam. He was on the front lines during the Drug War of the 1980s. And as his web site says, his third and final war is proving to be the most dangerous – his war against his own government.

During the 1980s, Castillo was involved in DEA operations in Central and South America. During this time, he became especially interested in the activities at Ilopango Air Force Base in El Salvador. Drugs were moving one way, to the United States, and money and guns were moving the other way, to the Nicaraguan Contras, all under the direct supervision of Lt. Col. Oliver North. When Castillo tried to press his investigation, he was ordered to back off, as this was a black operation emanating from the White House.

Castillo became interested in Poppy Bush, then Reagan’s Vice President, after meeting him at a function in Guatemala and trying to tell him what he had seen – and Bush just walked away from him, looking for another hand to shake. Castillo may have been barred from pressing the case further, but he could observe happenings at the airport, and he kept a daily journal of those years. Do you understand the significance of this? Who is the one man, probably the man who was ultimately most responsible for Iran Contra, who was never prosecuted? I’ll give you a huge hint. On the night of Barry Seal’s murder near New Orleans, whose top secret phone number was found in Seals’ wallet?

None other than that of George H. W. Bush. And there is only one way Seals could have acquired that number – and that is if Bush himself gave it to him.

Barry Seals was the most prolific and the most successful drug smuggler in all of history. And he was about to testify about Iran Contra when he met his death.

Cele Castillo is certainly talented when it comes to choosing his enemies, but maybe that’s why I admire him so much.

It’s too late to try to get Cele Castillo off completely. For his mother’s sake, he has already been forced to admit his utterly non-existent guilt, and a judge will pass sentence on him this very afternoon. If Castillo is to survive this experience, however, we must make his plight so public that he will become toxic to touch.

Please spread this article far and wide. Visit his web site at Powderburns. Let your friends and lawmakers know that if harm comes to Cele Castillo, you will know beyond the slightest doubt who is responsible.

I am waiting to learn Castillo’s sentence as I write this. Maybe this judge will be smart enough to give him only probation. Somehow, though, I doubt it. Compassion in a police state? Who are we kidding?

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