I have never given up on the ability of the United States to get it right once again. It is a manifestation of the strong resilience that had kept them forward for two centuries. More delightful is their refusal to be robots in a society that desperately seek to control everything; from the pocket to the intellect. There’s still pockets of ignorance but that will be overcame with time.

This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with our collective existence. It has nothing to do with a geographical location, but everything to do with a common global destiny. It has nothing to do with a rich poor dichotomy, it has everything to do with every individuals right to decent living standard. It has nothing to do with creed, but everything to do with the basic freedoms that we enjoy.

It was a monster that once devoured anybody with a different skin colour. As insatiable as monsters are, it was never content. Then it started devouring people whose financial status looked different. Not content with that either; it attacked those whose philosophical creed opposed it. And it could have succeeded. But then the awakening struck. This fortnight, concerned US citizens are about to protest our collective extinction. They are about to protest under the surface racial in-fighting. They are about to protest the tyranny of elected government officials. They are about to protest an increasing economic downturn engineered by the greed of a privileged few. They are about to protest being made to look like fools by people they delegated to represent them. They are about to protest a modern serfdom to a feudal oligarchy.

Nov. 4th will not just be historic, it will be highly symbolic. It will not just be another US presidential election, it will mark a turning point of historic possibilities. Of people taking their destiny in their own hands. And once again the United States have chosen to set the pace. It is a symbolic show of strenght to all those who share same ideals that these concerned US citizens are fighting for. It is a symbolic show of strenght to all those who still dream of a better world.

Some enemies are physical, some are natural, some are philosophical. The greatest threat to human existence has always been philosophical. It accounted for the longest battles and the costliest wars, it shaped and reshaped geopolitical entities, it divided and subjugated humanity. But never has it withstood the determined collective will of a people. As the NeoCon agenda in the US readies itself for a shattering defeat, philosophical agenda(s) threatening people across the world will sit and watch. There’s local saying in my place ‘The domestic fowl should take notice of how the partridge is being butchered because the partridge and the fowl are closely related’.

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