Today’s and tonight’s stories confirm that Pres. Bush refuses to close Gitmo Prison. In essence, he shrugs off all responsibility for his crimes and misdemeanors, and passes off this mess to the next president.

Let’s set a few, very few, basic facts:

a: We created Gitmo to avoid all impact of US law, the US Constitution, and US civilian oversight.

b: More than 65% of those held in Gitmo were innocent of any crime, and posed no threat to the USA.

c: We tortured, abused, starved, beat, mistreated, and injured people in Gitmo as a matter of routine, no matter how innocent they were.

d: The upcoming trials prove that our very few interpreters were SO FUCKING BAD with other languages, that they confused “I have no idea what you are talking about!” with, “Osama is my hero and death to your country!”

For seven years, we knew that George Bush was an incompetent screw-up. (the 180 Degree game was developed solely because of him) What few realized was just how spineless an asshole and screw-up he was. By ignoring the Supremes, the Appellate Courts, and the Article III basic robes, even those he put on the bench, he manages to ignore the disaster in making at Gitmo. He gets to pass it off to – – – Barack Obama.

Some of you might object to my use of “We”. Too bad. “WE” are the people, and “WE” allowed it to happen. “WE” are responsible. And, only “WE” can make a change.

Think about the theme here. “WE” torture others. Americans! That landmass of those who think they are free, and bravely knife tires of Obama Supporters at night.

We now know that we have fractured, spindled, perforated, bent, mutilated, punched, torn, (festooned?) ((Come on, how many here recall what “spindled” means?)) and otherwise destroyed entire treaties that the rest of the civilized world enforces. We know that our government lied to us, cheated us, killed off our finest in a pointless occupation, spies on us, and hides critical information from us. Gawd forbid we are asked to decide on real facts, as citizens, rather than spin, which they can control.

However you slice it, leaving Gitmo as an active base, despite several court orders, is a travesty. As citizens, as Americans, as global neighbors, we have no other choice. We must close it, clean it up, and prosecute those who tortured others. We have no other choice.

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