Gitmo, our future shame

Today’s and tonight’s stories confirm that Pres. Bush refuses to close Gitmo Prison. In essence, he shrugs off all responsibility for his crimes and misdemeanors, and passes off this mess to the next president.

Let’s set a few, very few, basic facts:

a: We created Gitmo to avoid all impact of US law, the US Constitution, and US civilian oversight.

b: More than 65% of those held in Gitmo were innocent of any crime, and posed no threat to the USA.

c: We tortured, abused, starved, beat, mistreated, and injured people in Gitmo as a matter of routine, no matter how innocent they were.

d: The upcoming trials prove that our very few interpreters were SO FUCKING BAD with other languages, that they confused “I have no idea what you are talking about!” with, “Osama is my hero and death to your country!”

For seven years, we knew that George Bush was an incompetent screw-up. (the 180 Degree game was developed solely because of him) What few realized was just how spineless an asshole and screw-up he was. By ignoring the Supremes, the Appellate Courts, and the Article III basic robes, even those he put on the bench, he manages to ignore the disaster in making at Gitmo. He gets to pass it off to – – – Barack Obama.

Some of you might object to my use of “We”. Too bad. “WE” are the people, and “WE” allowed it to happen. “WE” are responsible. And, only “WE” can make a change.

Think about the theme here. “WE” torture others. Americans! That landmass of those who think they are free, and bravely knife tires of Obama Supporters at night.

We now know that we have fractured, spindled, perforated, bent, mutilated, punched, torn, (festooned?) ((Come on, how many here recall what “spindled” means?)) and otherwise destroyed entire treaties that the rest of the civilized world enforces. We know that our government lied to us, cheated us, killed off our finest in a pointless occupation, spies on us, and hides critical information from us. Gawd forbid we are asked to decide on real facts, as citizens, rather than spin, which they can control.

However you slice it, leaving Gitmo as an active base, despite several court orders, is a travesty. As citizens, as Americans, as global neighbors, we have no other choice. We must close it, clean it up, and prosecute those who tortured others. We have no other choice.


  1. Direct Democracy

    The blame game is how criminals are caught and punished.

    Look back.

    Place blame.



  2. bryan mcclellan

    Sadly Rob it has come home to roost in the form of roadblocks, late night checkpoints, rouge Taser happy cops, stoplight cameras, and camera vans on the highways taking pictures of speeders.

    Slippery sloping all the way to mass adjudication on the grounds that people will screw up, it’s only a matter of time till we get you..GWB..

    Arizona citizens are fighting the latter right now and are having a real go at it. The company hired to set up these speeder camera vans is from Australia of all places. Whooda thunk it?

  3. Ladywolf55

    Australia has speed cameras all over the place. I know. I lived there for three years. My husband got a ticket at least once a year passing one of these cameras. I am totally against them. They are just a revenue source, nothing more. They have no intrinsic value.

    As far as Gitmo is concerned, as long as we allow GWB and Darth Cheney to get away with such atrocities, we share in them. Period. WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS!

  4. gazelle1929

    Hmmm. Let’s see if I have this straight:

    We, Americans all, have laws that serve the people by restricting speeds on our roads. Those laws prevent people from driving so fast that they are a danger to others.

    We, Americans all, enforce the laws by having police set up radar traps to enforce those laws that keep people from driving so fast they are dangers to others.

    We, Americans all, enforce those laws by putting up cameras that take pictures of people who are speeding, so we can keep people from driving so fast that they are a danger to others.

    We, Americans all, protest because we feel that we have a right to speed if we do not get caught, even if we are driving so fast that we are a danger to others.

    We, Americans all, believe that the laws are just a nuisance.

    We, Americans all, believe that we can speed so long as we don’t get caught.

    We, Americans all, have laws that say that murder is a bad thing.

    We, Americans all, punished, among others, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer, each of whom believed that the law against murder did not apply to him so long as he did not get caught.

    Am I seeing a trend here?

    Let me put it this way. If you don’t like the speeding laws, get them changed. If you can’t get them changed, then either obey them or go someplace where you can speed.

  5. griff

    It’s not the laws that are the problem, it’s the ways and means that they are enforced.

    It’s about the lack of privacy and due process. It’s about unlawful search and seizure. It’s about self-incrimination.

    It’s about microphones in trees and cameras on every light pole – endless surveillance.

    It’s about Big Brother.

    It’s about the incremental implementation of an oppressive police state, created under the guise of stopping petty crime. It’s about the loss of the most basic protections afforded us under our Constitution which, by the way, is the only law they seem anxious to change.

  6. bryan mcclellan

    People are being erroneously ticketed by over zealous operators of these systems, and systems that flat out don’t work or are malfunctioning.

    Big difference.

  7. gazelle1929

    “It’s not the laws that are the problem. . . .” So it’s OK to have laws, but not OK to enforce them?

    Lack of privacy and due process? When you are out in the streets you have no right to privacy, you are in public. And what lack of due process? You are entitled as a matter of right to go into court and challenge a speeding camera picture.

    Unlawful search and seizure? What’s unlawful about taking a picture of someone who is speeding? And what’s being seized? The fine you pay? See paragraph above re due process.

    Endless surveillance? The problem with that argument is that there is not endless surveillance. There are not enough cops in the world to man every camera in real time. But the cops are able to go back into the archives of a particular camera or set of cameras to see what was going on in a certain block. Is that surveillance? Personally I don’t thing so.

    And crime is crime, whether it’s petty or not. If someone had stopped a certain man from speeding through my neighborhood fifteen years ago my little girl would be alive today. Petty crime? My little girl had a right to life, and someone who was in a hurry to get someplace stole that right from her. Which is the most basic right in the Constitution?

  8. Rob Kezelis

    I know (knew) some ex-soviet KGB members. After we passed the Patriot, one of them wrote me and said “If only we had such power over our people. But what surprises me is that your countrymen accept it so readily.”

    He once explained that out of any ten randomly people on the street, 2 were observing and spying on seven of the others, while the 10th person was spying on the two other spies.

    It sure guaranteed full employment. Or fool employment.