Writing a custom essay on finance has always been a staple requirement for students under the courses of Business, Management, Marketing, and Economics. Recently, the issue of global finance crisis alarmed the economies of nations all over the globe. Moreover, many students who will soon be joining the workforce consider their future in these trying times.

The academe not only teaches students on the theoretical concepts used in finance. At the same time, professors encourage output from students by analyzing the economic situation on their own by composing a custom essay.

Finance issues are always in season all year round. Professors assign custom essays to students to assess their understanding of lectures taught in class. Most importantly, professors determine students’ awareness in the economic situation that concern financial wellness of individuals on a day to day basis.

For a custom essay on finance, money management, economics, business, and investments, below are plausible topics that students can choose from:

1. Price inflation

The rise and fall of the value of the US dollar has been affecting the economies worldwide. Since the US dollar is the most common denomination used all over the globe to determine the price of a product or a service, many people depend on it for a living. Developing countries also depend on the amount of dollars they receive through overseas workers. Being a global issue, students can tackle this as a probable topic for a custom essay which they can expound more by adding theoretical concepts and actual proofs.

2. Merging and Bankruptcy

Students can talk about in their custom essay finance issues that deal with the current situation in the US. Recently, top banks in the US joined forces to recover their businesses, thus the need to cut down employee number became prevalent. Students can include the increasing unemployment rate and further aftermath of the recession in their custom essays.

3. Loans

On a smaller scale, students can also consider the topic of loans in their custom essay about finance. Note that an individual has his or her own personal desire and motive when applying for a loan. Students can include in the advantages of getting a loan for one’s investment. These investments may vary from one person to another. Most common investments include auto and mortgage loans.

Custom essays on finance take similar format in composing essays in different subject areas. The effect of money matters in the economy is always a global concern. By discussing topics such as price inflation, merging and bankruptcy, and loans, students can relate the immediate effects of these issues even to ordinary people in the society.


At a young age of 25, Marcella Adams has reached her goal of having her own pastry shop in London. With a Master of Arts degree in English Research from King’s College London, Marcella works as a freelance custom essay writer in a finance firm. She will walk down the aisle with her fiancé of two years on March 2009.

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