A National Healthcare Network Can Work If We Want It To

    While it’s easy for people to ‘put down’ the concept of a national healthcare program, there is a lot of merit to have one.

    In the U.S. our Congress has “national healthcare”. Why should they be the only ones under socialism?

    Why should businesses get a $700 BILLION government “bail-out” under socialism, while the rest of us have to live under capitalism and work our way out of debt?

    If we can spend $700 BILLION on a corporate “bail-out” that clearly is NOT going to bail-out corporations, we can spend $400 Billion for a national healthcare system for all Americans — the same one Congress gets — and we even can include the wealthy.

    Despite what so many opponents say of a national healthcare network, no one would get “a free ride” — we would all get more affordable healthcare coverage.

    Look, folks, nationalizing health is NOT the PERFECT solution and yes there are many issues of imperfection in it.

    However, Medicare is such a nationalized plan that even though there are MANY bad issues inherent within the program, it DOES work for the most part.

    For years I have written about the problems that must be fixed in the Medicare system and Congress has NOT dealt with most of them. Government does not usually work in the best interests of the community at large.

    Our Congress remains a “do little” government entity and yet it has provided privatization within the Medicare program that actually interferes with a better managed and less costly healthcare system.

    In addition, Congress has permitted more ‘deregulation’ for the Medicare program and has enabled private industry to “govern” the system so that everything is more expensive instead of providing more affordable healthcare to the elderly and disabled of our population.

    Still, without Medicare more of this population would have to rely on “free” Emergency Room services, which ultimately would cost taxpayers MORE money, and also would cost MORE money for everyone else on their own private healthcare plans.

    It also would be a larger cost to businesses that still provide all or part healthcare services to their employees.

    Don’t you people see that?

    Even though a national healthcare plan would cost billions to provide, it ultimately would be cheaper in the long run than to keep things the way they are.

    If we were to keep healthcare the way it is, the industry will continue to raise our costs dramatically as the baby boomers will need more health and hospital services especially since so few people can afford their own healthcare costs.

    Immigrants who are not U.S. citizens and who can’t afford to pay their medical and hospital bills also cause increased costs.

    This entire healthcare issue is staring us all in the face and yet so few of us comprehend the reality and enormity of the problem that will only get worse over time if we refuse to put in place a national healthcare program.

    Again, nothing is ideal — especially when our government provides a service; however, our healthcare situation will only get worse and more costly if we don’t act on it soon.


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