Sarah Palin was on NBC’s Saturday Night Live last night (Oct 17). Watch it here:

Sarah Palin On SNL With Tina Fey, Weekend Update’s Alaska Rap, Baldwin And Wahlberg (VIDEO)

I’m glad to see Gov Palin has a good sense of humor to take SNL’s humor but I have to wonder it this helpful or hurtful to her campaign?

Now, John McCain himself has hosted SNL and has demonstrated from time to time on shows like “The Daily Show” that he has somewhat of a sense of humor, but at a time when more and more people are laughing at Sarah Palin as a candidate and possible POTUS, I can’t help but wonder if this was a prudent use of her time.

Would not her time be better served out on the campaign trail shaking hands and energizing voters to get out the vote for McCain? Or is this just the nail in the coffin before Halloween, so to speak? Sarah Palin realizes perhaps that she is not going to be VP and is going to make use of all the publicity she can get for the next couple of weeks to further her future plans whatever they may be.

Or is this McCain’s realization that Palin is an unchecked power on the campaign trail and that his political ambitions are better served on national television with literally millions of voters tuned into to see what they will make fun of this week, to have Palin laughing at herself instead of being out on the streets whipping angry mobs in fear against a black man.

I can not believe that Palin’s appearance on SNL last night was NOT done for some sort of political reason whatever it may be. And whatever else…it sure was funny and worth staying up to watch.

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