Troy Davis an innocent man is about to be put to death because of a police frame up

    The anti-capital punishment lobby warns. Some suggest that Davis is being lynched just because he is black which is particularly uncalled for. As usually the truth is slightly more involved than either side of the debate wants people to know. The Pope, Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party, and Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party plead for his life, Strangely Nader is silent about Davis. And Obama, McCain and Chuck Baldwin who claim they worry about fairness also so.

    The facts that neither side want you to know are: In1989 Troy Davis then 19 years old and two rowdy kids, Silvester Coles 16, and Joseph Blige 15, demanded a can of beer from a homeless man, things escalated until they were pistol whipping him. Bus station guard and off duty police officer Mark MacPhail tried to come to the homeless man’s rescue, but was shot dead, clearly by one of the three assailants.

    Sylvester Coles came to the police station the next day claiming Troy Davis did it. There were a lot of weird things such as supposedly no fingerprints found. Clearly the police wanted to arrest an adult not a child for the crime.

    Here in Pennsylvania we have the same thing but it’s a life imprisonment case. In Pennsylvania Ronald Brickly then 14, admitted part of the time under police grilling that he murdered a delivery man. But the prosecutor wanted to convict someone they could pretend was an adult for the crime Kevin Brickly, his brother. When Ronald turned 21 and out of the Juvenile Justice System he begged to be punished and enumerable new witnesses claimed that Kevin had no knowledge of the crime.

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    Innocence Project go to 02-29-08

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    In Texas a lawyer for a then just recently deceased brother, came forward and said his client committed the crime, not the brother on death row who had no knowledge of the crime, the Supreme Court didn’t stay the execution.

    The Supreme Court seems to allow new evidence only (or perhaps usually, please someone look for an exception) allows new evidence when a perfect stranger actually committed the crime. I suspect in a hypothetical case where one man was convicted of murder, rape and kidnapping, and another of just kidnapping. And DNA from under the foundation of a being torn down building proved that man convicted of murder and rape, not just kidnapping, fled the scene and urinated where he said he did, DNA will suddenly become incredible in establishing innocence. Yes if Troy Davis was white not black he might not be on death row, but if he was white, only his sister and himself would know he was innocent. Blacks getting death more often then whites should not be the central issue. The issue should be that our justice system is mostly a plea bargain dance between lawyers with the innocent usually having less to plea bargain with.

    McCain, Obama, Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr supporters urge your candidate to call for a fair, not kangaroo, traffic court, municipal court and also Supreme Court. We live in one world, if Troy Davis is executed it will probably mean more Chinese prisoners executed, as well as perhaps new Christians executed in Afghanistan.

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