To all of us conspiracy advocates who believe that “Loose Change” was a documentary and not a work of supposition, I offer the following:

This emergency economic aid package is merely a smoke screen to accomplish another Bush objective.

As the fake war in Iraq was a method for Bush and Cheney to steal Billions and Billions of Dollars, so this new scheme involves nationalization of our banks, and some vague government oversight that is yet to be defined and explained.

In this whole mess of troubled banks there lies somewhere a Bush/Cheney Bank with phantom ownership whose secret purpose is to wash all the money these two traitors stole from the American People. They have stolen so much money that they need a bank to launder it, and they don’t want to risk the movement of such huge sums to offshore accounts, or even to Swiss Banks, which have been compromised in the past.

So perhaps someone came up with the scheme to take control of a mid-sized American Bank where they could practice their thievery and clean the money. As opposites to Jerry Maguire, their cry is “Don’t show our money!!!!” By hiding their actions in a bank which is seized or whose stock is controlled by the government, they can escape scrutiny and live like the super fat cats they now are. They have plenty of money to pay off ANYONE, just as they were allegedly able to plant explosives and bring down the twin towers.

Of course this is all speculation. If I had hard evidence I could start the ball rolling by having Nancy Pelozi arrested for taking bribes in order to “… take impeachment off the table” and then move up from there. I have no evidence, but if those two terrible human beings could start a false war and be insensitive to how many soldiers they murdered, they certainly could bring down a financial system here and abroad.

Call me a liar, call me crazy, but I sure wish you would call me to that Bush/Cheney table when they start divvying up the loot. Ten million would do just fine to shutting me up. After all, I’m not as greedy as those two creeps.

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