Tap offshore oil by drilling at a slant

“Directional Drilling according to Wikipedia is already being done three miles off of England, and the technology is being increased at a rapid rate. Instead of Obama arguing with Palin, with McCain sometimes agreeing with Palin about drilling offshore and in wildlife preserves, we can have a united country working for a better resource policy like back when Roosevelt united the nation toward conserving and recycling resources and stopping the last depression.

By the way if we all unite to Fax, Mail and Email the UN, and some of us marching to Ki-moons UN office with “stop” tee-shirts complaining in the lack of UN oversight involving the efforts to create a mini Black Hole, we may only have a million to one chance to save the earth from immediate destruction, but we may delay the future production of doomsday weapons until the human race can come to its senses.

The Hadron Collider is a 28 mile racetrack under the Alps to try to glimpse at the forces that began the universe. The experiment is now supposed to be attempted again next spring.

Some Christians and Hindu Fundamentalists are particularly worried. If people like Governor Palin start worrying about this, it might stop her from being tempted to hurry Armageddon to try to hurry Christ’s return.

See directional drilling Wikipedia,
and also Google “Scientists are trying to create a mini Black Hole . . . “)

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