Yes We Must!

by Maggie Van Ostrand

By land, sea and air, our military fought for freedom in World War II, the “good war,” while civilians at home joined together in a massive nationwide effort to do our part. Little girls sacrificed the rubber tires from their doll carriages, boys collected the foil from discarded cigarette wrappings, women went to work in factories building airplanes, and senior citizens knitted socks, collected scrap metal, rolled bandages, and read to the wounded in military hospitals.

Never before or since were we so united. It is like that again today.

Despite the high cost of gasoline, entire families are driving to nearby states, knocking on doors of strangers, and asking that their votes be cast for Barack Obama; often they are invited in for a cup of coffee. People are talking, and people are listening. Caravans are wending their way to battleground states to drum up more votes for Obama. Despite the cost of long-distance, seniors are calling battleground states asking for votes for Obama. Despite not knowing their neighbors, people are gathering in other people’s living rooms to watch debates, make calls to get out the vote, and to raise funds. It seems there are as many Republicans as Democrats giving their money, their time, and their passion, to get Barack Obama elected.

Like Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II, Obama has united us in a common cause for the good of our nation. It’s imperative that we reverse the trouble we’re in, and restore our national self-respect.

We began by shouting “Yes we can!” Now it is time to shout, “Yes we must!”


  1. griff

    Ah yes, the Obama missionaries are on the march, robotic warriors armed with empty slogans and utopian rhetoric. A faith-based initiative that is long on promises but woefully short on substance. I do so hope they visit my neighborhood.

    Other than his not being dumb, insolent, and incoherent, what exactly will he do differently?

  2. knockknock

    Thank you so much, Griff, for your polite response. You must be taking courtesy lessons from Mr. McCain.

    Too bad you’re unable to have a civilized discourse which respects the views of others.

    It’s not too late. You can still vote for Obama.

  3. griff

    Why is it always the same response? Don’t defend your choice with reason or sound policy positions, just yank out the one-size-fits-all partisan stick and wave it around.

    So I’ll ask again. What will he do differently? Why should I vote for him? Why are you voting for him? Give me anything but the standard Democrat guilt treatment, and maybe I’ll respond accordingly.

    Will Obama defend American sovereignty? Will he defend our borders vigorously? Will he reign in the Federal Reserve and the Treasury? Will he return our currency to the People? Will he repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, NAFTA, GATT?

    The answer to all these items is no. Therefore he doesn’t work for my interests or the interests of my country, and no amount of ridicule or whining will change what he is or what he stands for. He works for global interests, not American interests, and he’s not even shy about expressing it.

    So if you wish to cede American sovereignty to the U.N., the IMF and the World Bank, that’s your business, but I will fight it every inch of the way.

  4. woody188

    Obama campaigners stopped by our house on a Sunday asking for my wife because she is registered Republican. They didn’t bother asking to talk to me. I am still registered Democrat, but I’ll probably vote for Chuck Baldwin this time around.

    I don’t see any difference between the Republican and Democrat candidates. Both are for big government, big business, free trade/unfair wages, fiat currency, never ending war, policing the world with our military, amnesty and citizenship for illegals, socialized markets, and mandatory military/civil service for all our kids.

  5. Flapsaddle

    I’m very, very lucky in that I have so far escaped the attention of the pimps for either party. Now, if my luck will just hold for another three weeks…

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  6. griff

    I received a robo-call from our incumbent Republican representative asking me to join a conference call. I was tempted, but hung up just the same. Now if someone comes to the door, that’s another story.