A Halloween Metaphor

Understanding the Financial Meltdown, A Halloween Metaphor:

One Halloween evening after collecting a huge bag of trick-or-treat Candy (Money), a five year old Boy (Banks) is told by his Parents (American People) that they are going out for the evening and they’ve hired a Babysitter (U.S.Government) to watch over him.

The Parents discover that the Babysitter is only six years old but decide to go out anyway. When they return, the Boy is rolling around on the floor in pain from having eaten the entire bag of Candy. The Parents chastise the Babysitter for having allowed this and ask if he has anything to say for himself. The Babysitter holds up an empty bag and says “We Need More Candy”……..


  1. griff

    Nice. How about this one…

    After much anticipation, our fair young Maiden (American People) sets out for a grand Halloween Party (American Dream). As our Maiden strolls the sidewalk in blissful ambivalence, from the shadows comes a dark and sinister Monster (Banks). This Monster, equipped with the most vicious of Weapons (Government), hacks our fair Maiden to ribbons and gorges itself on the twitching remains.