Clearly, a black man running for the presidency of the United States is NOT without a huge risk of assassination. The motives may be racial and/or political.

Few people know that on August 24, 2008 three men were arrested, initially, for planning an assassination attempt on Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

While authorities captured 3 men who conspired to kill Obama, their activities were pronounced a low-level threat and the men were dismissed as merely drug addicts without any chance of succeeding in their effort.

According to Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia:

“The 2008 Barack Obama assassination scare refers to news reports of an alleged plot by Shawn Robert Adolf, Tharin Robert Gartrell and Nathan Dwaine Johnson to assassinate Senator Barack Obama, the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nominee, at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. The trio were tied together by officials who alleged they planned to shoot Obama with a high-powered rifle based on their reported white supremacist belief that an African American should not be elected President of the United States. Gartrell was arrested August 24 and found to be in possession of rifles and other weaponry; Adolf and Johnson were arrested shortly thereafter. In a televised interview prior to his arrest, Johnson identified Adolf as the man who allegedly hatched the plot and planned to be the shooter. Although suspected white supremacist associations led federal authorities to investigate possible ties to a larger group, federal authorities downplayed the three would-be shooters as drug addicts who had little chance of actually carrying out the plot. The three men have been charged with drug and weapons charges, but not for threatening a presidential candidate.”

Such actions already are leading some to consider various “conspiracy theories” and that the life of Senator Barack Obama will be under constant threat of assassination, during his campaign and afterwards should he become the next President of the U.S.

The fact that the authorities’ dismissal of the initial high-level assassination threat on Obama’s life, should be a concern to the candidate’s future longevity.

“FBI Special Agent Robert Sawyer first believed there was probable cause to believe the trio were conspiring to kill Obama, based on searches of their hotel rooms and cars.[12] However, United States Attorney Troy Eid said the racist statements the suspects made following their arrests had not risen to the legal standard that would have allowed the filing of federal charges for threatening a presidential candidate[6][7] ”

Our government along with local authorities must do everything possible to protect the life of Barack Obama. Conspiracy theorists are prophecizing future assassination attempts will reoccur until they are successful in ending Obama’s life.

Americans do not need another catastrophic incident that will undermine and hinder our nation’s evolutionary path as did the recent assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

In addition, there are many who believe that the “accidental” airplane death of John F. Kennedy Jr. was actually a conspired political assassination by perpetrators within our government.

In any case, there is no doubt that Senator Barack Obama is in constant danger for his life.

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