To All My Employees in Congress, the Judiciary, and the Executive Branch of My Government

Dear Employees;

When over 94.5% of your constituents spend their time to write to you in opposition of a bill, it seems both arrogant and uncaring if you do not follow our wishes.

I read the remarks on the floor of the Senate and I regret to tell you that they were insufficient. Subsequent reactions in the Stock Markets around the world bears out the fact that this was a frivolous and much too hasty Bill and should not have been supported or approved. Perhaps long term there might be some positive results, but short term activity certainly indicates that it was the wrong thing to do.

Following the mistakes of both Oversight Committees and Management Personnel with huge sums of money is a reward to their ineptitude, not a fix. They should not have been bailed out and I guarantee you that time would have mitigated most of the problems. Had you and the rest of our representatives (AKA “Employees”) waited instead of throwing good money after bad, a more intelligent and proper fix could have been found. Now we add to our deficit, we see markets around the world crumbling into ruin, and we are no better off than before you dumped what will be more than $850,000,000,000 of OUR tax dollars into a mismanaged manure pile of financial greed. Please tell me how this money will fix things, and please be specific.

And while you are at it, please explain why you chose to ignore our wishes–especially since 94.5+% of us said specifically NOT TO VOTE FOR THAT BILL.

Regarding a 6 year term for Senators–I would like that to be changed to ONE, 3 year term for ALL elected officials, including the judges of the Supreme Court. Three years in office is enough, and other citizens should be allowed to participate in legislative, executive, and judicial positions in our government.

Or do you believe this is the government of the Elite Senators, the Royal Representatives, the Impeccable Judges, and the Imperial Presidency?

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