I just got a letter from my Senator. In this letter she explained why she voted FOR the economic rescue package. Allow me to share some of her remarks:

“It has been said that Senators have six-year terms for a reason. And that reason is to be able to take tough votes because it’s right for the nation, and take tough votes when at times they may be adverse to the beliefs of your constituency.” She went on to say that she had received over 91,000 responses from constituents, and that 86,000 of those were OPPOSED to the bill.

Excuse me, Senator Feinstein, you are supposed to be working for me, for us, for the people of the State of California. When you work for someone it means you do as they direct. We expect you to use some judgement, but dammit, when over 94.5% of us tell you not to vote for a bill, then you ought to pay attention and do as we instruct.

I am tired of these politicians ignoring us, the voters. I am tired of seeing them feather their nests with great retirement packages, frequent junkets to foreign countries, gifts from lobbyists, and short working hours (what was that statistic–this year the Congress had only been in session for 100 days?), and countless other freebies at the taxpayers’ expense.

I owned a business. If one of my employees didn’t do as I instructed them to do, and if they did not have a rational explanation for their actions against my orders, they were fired. If they stole, as Bush/Cheney have done, they were fired, AND prosecuted. If they did not come to work every day, they were fired. If they disappeared on vacation trips that they had not earned, they were fired. If they took extra benefits that they felt they deserved but I had not approved, they were fired.

What in the good Lord’s name makes these elitist politicians believe they have tenure? What possible reason could there be for NOT firing every corrupt, lying, stealing, lazy one of them?

I cannot think of a single reason, and so I say: “Fire all of them and hire some people who care about our country, not about what they can suck out of the public teat.”

We need politicians who listen to us, not who send us canned letters explaining why they did not do as we instructed. We need some honest people in government who are not elitists and who respect our wishes.

Will 550 of them please stand up?

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