The lies are enraging; the surrogates abominable; the crowds at the McCain rallies, earn John’s integral disdain for the People. I weep with frustration at the injustice, the loss, the incredible loss of this fine idea called America. John McCain’s quest for the presidency has truly become a surreal and hideously destructive yearning akin to Gollum’s evil obsession. I can’t even look at him any longer, let alone listen. How bizarre he appears flanked by the tremulously obedient Cindy and illiterate sassy Sarah. How can we possibly stop this thing before McCain succeeds in inciting the assassination of Barack Obama. We have all watched dumbfounded for eight long years as the neo cons hijacked our government, our religion, our military, our finances. They will not stop apparently.Nothing short of civil war is ahead, and it’s unbearable to contemplate. Buckley/Eisenhower Republicans must come to the rescue of our country and suggest McCain put a stop to this cultivation of hate or step the hell down.