Cindy McCain said yesterday that she had gotten a “cold chill” when Barack Obama had voted not to fund our troops in Iraq, troops that included her son.

I wonder how she felt when her own husband urged the president to veto funding for the troops that included a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq.

Why is it that I feel it would be an insult to call Cindy McCain a “Stepford wife” — an insult to Stepford wives, that is.

It’s pretty obvious we have reached the point in the presidential campaign when Republicans realize that all they have left is lies. They know they can’t beat Barack Obama either on ideas of on leadership, so they’re going to scare the hell out of Americans in hope of making them vote with the lizard part of their brains.

Sarah Palin is even worse than Cindy. Caribou Barbie has spent the last few days hammering away on Obama “palling around with terrorists like Bill Ayers,” even though it’s apparent Obama hardly knows the man.

Ever since 1980, Republicans from Ronald Reagan to Pat Buchanan, from Rush Limbaugh to Dick Cheney, have been refighting the ’60s. Obama himself, who was born in 1961, said in his campaign that it was time for us to get past the battles baby boomers have been fighting.

Yes, Bill Ayers was part of the Weather Underground.

Yes, he and his cohorts set off bombs in an effort to start a revolution in the United States.

But 8-year-old Barry Obama wasn’t even in this country then, let alone lighting the fuses.

The sad truth is this will resonate with Joe Sixpack and the undereducated Limbaugh listeners.

But the good news is that even some of them see the disaster that letting Republicans run the government has been. Our economy is cratering, and there’s simply no reason at all to vote for four more years of George W. “John McCain” Bush.

These people aren’t stupid.

That makes them either incredibly dishonest or so corrupt that they will do anything to hang onto power.

You decide.