by Maggie Van Ostrand

John McCain pointed to Senator Obama, smirked, and called him “That one.”

What kind of a president would McCain make acting like that? How could other nations respect a man who behaved so disrespectfully and destructively?

I felt such disgust for McCain with his show of hatred and contempt for Obama, a United States Senator and presidential candidate, that I wanted to throw something at the television screen.

I’ve seen a lot of political campaigns in my life, but I have never watched such rude, disrespectful, childish behavior as from McCain. It’s a disgrace. Frequently McCain appeared in the background making faces, sneering and gesturing with his hands while Obama was speaking. That scene-stealing stuff was pitiful.

If the people of this nation cannot tell the difference between presidential behavior and that of an envious little man, then we’re in more trouble than we are with Bush. I don’t care what McCain did 40 years ago or how many planes he crashed, I want to know his plans to help the nation. So far, I haven’t heard any from McCain except the one he mentioned (and wrongly claims was his very own idea) in Nashville about buying up bad loans. Somebody should tell him that was in the first three-page bailout that he didn’t have time to read.

This man just cannot let go. McCain is still raving about how Obama “still won’t admit that the surge worked.” Get a grip John. You’re boring. And so’s your vice presidential pick who repeats the same surge line. Give us a break. Go home. Barbecue with your current Barbie and get out of my life.

Do we really want John McCain and his bad temper answering that 3 a.m. phone call? Or do we want the calm, reflective, and intelligent Obama picking up the receiver?

Hopefully, McCain’s mean-spirited, ill-mannered and petty performance in Nashville has the opposite effect than he intended and puts Obama in the White House.

If John McCain were seven feet tall, he’d still be the smallest man in town.

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