We need more coverage including third parties in the debates, so that issues can be highlighted that would not be otherwise. The American people could then make a more informed decision. Voting for someone you truly believe in is more important than voting the lesser of two evils. I could not live with myself if I voted for either Dem’s or Rep’s in the Presidential election, when I do not believe that their change is the change that we desperately need. I watched both the Democrat and the Republican conventions. From what I saw Obama’s change was going back to the old spend and expand the government. The Republican’s are not much better since they have expanded government spending tremendously over the last 8 years. There are certain things that should be left to the states to manage. If education was left at the state level then we could save a lot of money by not having to fund the Dept of Education because the states would be funding there own local departments. Don’t get me started on taxes. What is wrong with a straight 10% across the board tax as oppose to the messed up tax system we have today. People should not have to higher an accountant so they can get back as much as they can in their tax refund. I keep hearing how there was surplus in the late 90’s. How could their be a surplus if we still had a hugh trillion dollar debt? Any way I suggest you check out one of the third party candidates for real change. It is better than voting for someone you do not believe would best represent your views. As for me I am voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. He best represents my views than anyone else I have found today.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”
John Quincy Adams

Click to the http://constitutionparty.com – Forging a Rebirth of Freedom
http://www.baldwin08.com – Chuck Baldwin for President
http://www.koppieforsenate.com – Chad Koppie for U.S. Senate (Illinois)