Five Secretaries of State including 3 that served under GOP Presidents think McCain is wrong & RECKLESS! This includes Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell & Jim Baker.

Another McCain Dispute with Kissinger — Now on Russia

McCain said we will not have another Cold War with Russia. But just said Ukraine was “in Russia’s sights” and repeated his oft-repeated line that when he sees Putin he sees the letters “K.G.B.” This is a good line if you are pundit, not if you are a president and want to avoid a new Cold War. The fact is that our relationship with Russia is bigger than what happened in Georgia. The five former Secretaries of State – including Kissinger, Powell, and Baker – that famously rebuffed McCain on Iran also did so on Russia. McCain’s initial response was reckless, as well as his continued approach.

John McCain IS RECKLESS! He was reckless as a pilot in the Navy which is most likely why he wrecked his plane and ended up being captured by North Vietnam. Somehow he believes this Recklessness qualifies him to hold the highest position in the land.

That makes him VERY DANGEROUS in the position of POTUS!

Want more War? Vote for John McCain who is the candidate MOST LIKELY to start World War III.

Remember we are spending $4566 PER SECOND in Iraq! Every day that equals….$394,520,400 PER DAY we are spending in Iraq with no end in sight ESPECIALLY if McCain becomes POTUS!

We cannot afford this!