Still here, just lurking,…mostly not being terribly amused by the pathetic writhings of our dysfunctional and unconstitutional governments. That’s right, governments. The plural. From local, to State, to (most especially) the Feds….Utterly disgusted with the lot seems to be the foremost of my (printable) reactions.

The only thing that is just as disconnected from reality as the herd of flatulent cattle that purport to lead the country is the new herd that wants to replace them.

A gut wrenchingly pathetic lot they are too. With the latest load of fecal matter shoveled onto the tax paying citizens of this country, our corporate welfare has truly reached new lows. Why do we allow this?

As one of those tax payers, I am utter exhausted to the bone at having my rights abrogated, my income confiscated, and my future security obliterated. It’s all too much.

Now, being raised on the ideal that it is silly to criticize unless you can offer constructive suggestions, I have a few to offer here.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and let’s face it folks…they’re not going to listen anyway. With that in mind, here goes:

1. A return to a Constitutional and functional government.

This one NEEDS to be foremost on the list. Enough is enough. I suggest we begin the process by NEVER voting for and incumbent. If you keep them on a short leash, they will remember who is the real power is….And guess what? It’s not them unless we allow it to be.

2. Inviolate term limits on all offices.

Pretty much goes with the first one as an extension, so I’m not sure it needed to be its own suggestion…BUT…if it needs to be spelled out, here it is: Government service was meant to be a service to one’s community, State, or Country. It was never designed to be a career.

3. Personal financial responsibility for those that serve and are found to be either negligent or grossly incompetent.

Would ANY government step outside the rules if they knew in advance that they would be held personally liable for their actions? I’ll bet on: “not too often”

4. Return the country’s currency to the gold standard or other intrinsic value system.

Enough of fiat currency. Enough of borrowing to prop up decades of failed policies and sheer pig headedness by government. ENOUGH! It undermines our sovereignty by giving foreign powers too much leverage on the affaires of the people. It must end.
While we’re at it, I’d suggest getting rid of the Federal Reserve too. These unelected, unaccountable people are every bit as dangerous to the natural rhythms of the economy as borrowing from foreign powers.

5. Reel in the alphabet soup “enforcement” agencies, and disband any of them that won’t or can’t live within their specifically assigned roles.

On a personal note, I’d start with the BATFE. It is simply impossible for an agency of so much power, and so little accountability, to be friendly or even tolerant to that which it is supposed to regulate.
Besides, the second amendment is the one that guarantees the rest. We don’t need government “counter balancing” the rights of the People as set down by the founders, with us the tax payers being expected to pay for it in many more ways than just the financial.

6. Instead of spending multi-billions in tax money to finance a secure oil supply, use that money to get over to a more sustainable and renewable energy supply, and society as a whole.
This one seems so glaringly obvious that it is like a beacon in the dark. Personally, I’m tired of big oil running the country through the office of the President.

7. Bring our troops home. Pax Americanus doesn’t not work. It is a failed policy that should have been still born on the drawing board. The founders had reason to be very wary of this one. They were right so far. Perhaps more than they knew.

8. Use the troops and equipment brought back from the 400 odd bases that we maintain outside the US and territories to help enforce current immigration laws on the northern and southern borders, and on our coasts. As long as this can be done within the restraints of the posse comitatus act. Now before you bombard me with accusations of “isolationism” that’s not the goal here.

What I see through this is the U.S. cleaning up its own back yard, and the best way we can do that is by not being the “empire builders” that we’ve been for the last 150-ish years. We need to mind our own business, and yet be strong enough, and secure enough AT HOME to not need to project power around the world in the “current” fashion.

9. Get out of the UN.

We don’t need them nearly as much as they need us. As a matter of fact, we don’t need them at all. They are a threat to American sovereignty.

10. Get out of NAFTA. The flow of jobs, talent, and our very economy, out of this country should make this one a no brainer folks.

11. Get out of NATO.
This was an organization that was created to offset the balance of power between “spheres of influence” of both Russia and the U.S. at the end of W.W.II.
It has outlived its usefulness. Europe and Asia are more than able to look after themselves. We need to accept the idea that we are not the world’s police force. We don’t need to be. The Marshal plan failed. Let’s stop trying to resurrect it.

You have noticed by now gentle reader, that for the most part I have avoided the hot buttons of health care and social services in this list. I do have opinions on them, but they are perhaps left off the list currently as they are something that I feel need to be subject of a national plebiscite. If we’re all going to be taxed for such things then we need a majority of the People (the actual power of the country) to say yes to that taxation. I refuse and utterly revile the concept that any stripe or level of government has the right to impose such costs on me unless and until ALL the costs versus benefits can be weighed in the cold light of day. Without emotion, or hidden agendas. So far, nobody has found the way to do that…which leads me to the last couple of items:

12. Limit the use of executive orders and “signing statements” by the P.O.T.U.S.

This is a most dangerous tool indeed. Executive orders can and should be used ONLY in the gravest of need. The current administration has repeatedly shown its utter distain for the process of law in the country by it flagrant use of both of these. This must be stopped. The Executive branch must not be allowed to upset the balance of power between the branches of government.

13. The courts must be forbidden from legislating from the bench.

The current fashion among activist judges to simply legislate from the bench to suit their own whims is so aberrant to me that it defies words. They are in their role as judges, embodied with the trust of this society to interpret the laws, not make them. The job is a heavy burden, BUT the temptation of straying outside the strict boundaries of their office MUST be foremost in their minds when rendering any judgment.

Some levels are elected, some appointed…yet the minute that any of them cross the line from interpreter to unelected legislator, they MUST be dismissed from the bench.

I have the feeling that it may well cost this country some of the most brilliant legal minds in the available to us, but a “self appointed” legislator is not what we need.

Wow, the list just keeps going…but I think I’ve covered most of the ones in the top third of my list…but as I am on a borrowed computer, and I must go.

So I close with a wish that those of you reading this find yourselves tolerant of my political naiveté, and not judge this too harshly.

Good Day to you all.
M. Terry.

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