We’re liberals.

We like to laugh.

So when the Republicans nominate a Dan Quayle, a George W. Bush or a Sarah Palin, we make jokes, convinced that America will see the innate humor in the nomination of someone who is blatantly unqualified for office.

The problem is, the right wing isn’t laughing.

I’ve heard Palin called Tracy Flick, Bible Spice, or my personal favorite, Caribou Barbie.

I watched her utilize every single “down-home” cliche possible in her vice presidential debate, but even I was stunned by her bawdy wink and her “shout out” to somebody’s third-grade class back in Wasilla, Alaska.

But Palin is anything but funny, and as the campaign turns mean, she’s looking a lot more like Eva Peron or Margaret Thatcher than Tracy Flick or Tina Fey.

In Florida Monday, Palin’s campaign turned to its last hope of winning — frightening people about Democratic nominee Barack Obama. She told an enthusiastic audience that Obama “is different from us,” which turned the campaign to what Republicans have been doing for the last forty years.

Frightening white people.

At least one spectator in the audience responded to Palin’s remarks about the senator from Illinois with, “Kill him!”

Do you even need to ask if Palin told the man his response wasn’t appropriate?

At least she didn’t wink.

This campaign is getting scary.

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