FACT: The majority of Texans will vote McCain and Palin come Election Day.

Look, I know I’m not part of the majority here in Texas who plan to vote for Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin.

But I am willing to work in the best interests of the American community and would consider voting for McCain if:

o McCain drops Palin like a hot potato for another running mate
o Americans recognize that the last person we need as VP is a “Joe 6-pack hockey mom”
o We see that a person who lives her life in Wasilly, Alaska can not and does not speak for most Americans
o McCain changes his mind re: voting for the IAG bail-out and tells Wall Street to pick itself up and start over again without government interference, after all, McCain did vote for more deregulation and should not flip-flop on his previous voting
o Palin stops trying to present herself as a middle class remedial high school dropout
o The “light bulb” goes on above members of our Congress and they all see that deregulation is not just for when corporations make huge profits
o After years of having a dope president, Americans realize that it might not be a bad thing if we elect someone more intelligent to lead our nation.

Only then would I reconsider to vote for Sen. John McCain.

But of course, McCain does not need my vote to win in the state of Texas.

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