Palin thought the Vice President debate was a popularity contest, and at that she won big, because Biden was debating who should be the next President. Most people who disagree with her hate her less, and she has created a new image of what it means to be an American woman, a Barbie Doll with a Gun in her hand. The 60’s asserted that men could be tender and cry just like a woman, and now ultraconservatives hope the 60’s are finally over.

Madonna a role model for young girls upset them greatly. This Barbie Doll image could spread to men as well. Such as a jeweler studded drug-dealer with two young ladies at his side and a gun in his lap.

When it came to making it more likely for McCain to become President, Biden outflanked her at every turn. McCain likewise seems to know how to debate in such a way as to become more popular with each debate, despite the countries economic woos, but he likewise fails when it comes to coattales. He also makes it harder for other Republicans to win, every time he debates.

So at the moment it seems that Obama, unless al Qaeda, or an al Qaeda look alike pulls an October Surprise, will be the next President, with an overwhelming Democratic Congress to back him up.

But I’m not cheering, we don’t need another one party government in this world, Cuba, China, and Russia is enough. And we need to somehow restore the image of the 60’s that being a man has a gentle touch to it, and somehow not have a new image of an American woman being a sneaky coy and clever snake.

Obama like Roosevelt thinks he can bring us all together. But somehow he will be needed to be challenged from the Left not only the Right.

I feel sorry for Nancy Pelosi. After the Democratic sweep in 2006, she thought she was going to make John Murtha Majority Whip. But suddenly conservatives reminded progressives that he tended to vote against Abortion and against Gun Control, while the then honest NRA, worried that since he switched on foreign guns, he might have had a private change of heart when it came to domestic guns as well. So after the peace movement proved it was mostly bark and no bite, they kept biting her every inch of the way for not continuing on as if nothing had happened.

Nevertheless, for the good of America’s future, I hope Nancy becomes a sacrificial lamb and Cindy Sheehan, wins Nancy’s California seat, so we won’t end up with all Democrats and a scattering of only Republicans to challenge them.

However, had Murtha became Majority Whip the war might be over by now and more important in the long-run little girls in America wouldn’t be playing with Barbie Dolls with guns in their hands. Murtha if he had clout would have been the number one critic of Palin, and exalted his mixed credentials on abortion to prove it. It is a huge irony that a Barbie Doll with a gun in her hands somehow stands for life.

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