No one wants to point fingers for the reason our economy is in such a mess; however, taxpayers need to know the REAL reasons:

o Bush administration short-sighted profit economics
o “Do-nothing” Congress — Republicans AND Democrats
o Greedy financial sector, seeking more profits
o Profiteering oil companies, record profiteering
o “Salivating for profits” health care and pharmaceutical industries
o Lawmakers enabling deregulation and easy credit
o Runaway costs of education and energy
o Americans living outside their means, using our government’s over-spending as the example of the “norm”.

Now, even with the questionable bail-out, the DOW hit below 10,000 points for the first time since 2004.

It will get worse for most Americans before it gets any better — if it does at all.

Until American voters get rid of most “special interest” incumbents in Washington and at state and local political levels, it will remain business as usual.

First we must insist that Congress pass restricted political contributions, with strongly limited dollar limits, along with better oversight and regulation of lobbying activities.

Any lawmaker and/or government employees NOT working in the best interests of the community must be voted-out or dismissed from duty.

Taxpayers need to wise-up and take some responsibility for what has happened to our government during the past decade and we must step-up and change it.

We need to become more active in our government’s oversight and vote-in better qualified people.

We can start by recognizing Sarah Palin’s void for the position of VP. While there is much about Sen. John McCain that Americans like and admire, Palin negates much of McCain’s attributes.

American voters need to look at the bigger picture.