Heh. You have to admire the GOP. They really, REALLY, REALLY get it. I mean, they have this down pat. The difference between the ultra-reich NeoConMan GOPers and the rest of America is striking, even shocking, despite us having dealt with them for the past 8 years.

Most of us prefer to accommodate, conciliate, cooperate, and resolve issues and problems. Tis the human, humane, civilized thing to do. But NOT this stinking, fetid, corrupt, foul, malignant, corpulent, dismal, and evil segment of the GOP. No, sir.

They knew they faced a horrible situation. Gwen Ifell was about to run a debate. Normally smart, prepared, even-handed, and fair, she was the “agreed to” choice by both parties for the VP debate. They even knew that she was writing a book.

But, as luck would have it, their ceiling caved in. Postmortem Palinoscopies made them realize that their darling, spunky, tarty sports-reader (who somehow became governor for the most backward state of the nation. Congrats, Alabama, you are no longer the worst in the nation.) had no clue about the world around us. (Wink wink)

Even after intensive courses, practice debates, and multiple cramming sessions, she was a lost cause. She made Dan Quayle look brilliant and George W. Bush look like a Nobel candidate in GUI, Superstring theory, and Quantum Chromodynamics.

The GOP insiders freaked out so much that they had only one possible avenue left. Guarantee victory by any other means. And so they did.

Here’s where the admiration comes in. Seriously! You have to admire Hitler’s Blitzkreig around the Maginot Line. It made a billion franc investment a complete waste of time and money. You must admire Mao’s Great Leap Forward. How else could he capture those who posed a possible danger to him, and eliminate them? By the millions. You have to admire George dubba Bush. Using fear as an attack, he managed to get his Patriot, FISA, and FISA II. Of course, in all these cases, admiration does not imply approval.

The brilliant, organized, and concerted attack on Gwen Awful had three results:

a) it intimidated Gwen into asking irrelevant, shitty, and boring questions that any 5th grader would have asked;
b) it energized the GOoPers who think that McCain and Bush are doing just fine, spank you very much;
c) it reinforced the idea (the very wrong, faux, ridiculous and insulting idea) that corporate America’s “MEDIA” was irreparably liberal and biased.

The source of all of the above? The aforementioned book. Gwen is researching and writing about minority pols in America, and how far they have come. Ergo . . .

For three days, they declared war on Gwen. E-mails, LTTEs, public demands, attacks on her character (which, by all accounts, is impeccable by any rational standard), they accused her of (pro-nigger) bias (trust me, I got several of those viral e-mails), and they demanded her replacement.

Those calling for all of the above did not care whether they “won” or not. What they really wanted was to intimidate and attack whoever was going to be asking the questions. To Gwen’s understandable regret, she was the target.

She responded much like any other human would. She caved. Her questions were boring, her follow-up non-existent, her demands for responsive answers disasperated faster than a Harry Potter character. She made sure that no person could ever attack her for the questions she posed, thus insuring that no good, reasonable, or necessary questions would be asked. Where were the questions on creationism? Evolution? The Poland-based Anti-missile defenses that don’t work? Ha. Tough questions were what Americans wanted, not just of Silly Sarah, but of BOTH CANDIDATES.

Except, tough questions would have been the wooden stake in the heart of the vampire we know as McCain.

The Rovian scum running John Bush McCain’s campaign took Silly Sarah aside and taught her the elements of surviving the one, the only, the easy, the shallow — the VP debate.

Even when she read off her cue cards, she was prepared enough to sound spunky, engaging, and on message. Of course, right off the bat, she warned us that her message would not necessarily be an answer to the questions she faced. In fact, she answered NO QUESTION directly.

The arrogance in her position is appalling. SHE REFUSED TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. She would, and did, replace them with issues of her own choosing. That is offensive. Appalling. Disgusting. And, the SOP for KarlRovian elements running the McCain campaign.

Somewhere, someplace, there exists a happy, rich, content group of puppet masters. Laughing at us. We morons. We peons. Us idiots. We, who believe in America, democracy, rational thinking, and general fairness and equality. They selected Palin, and are forcing her down our throat. They may even prevail, given their attacks on voting records in several key states. After having unlimited power for 8 years, they want four more. They will do anything, anytime, anyplace, and use every dirty move to win. Because, if they lose, they lose it all.

Frankly, I can’t think of a more deserving target.

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