The Senate passed a bailout plan for the banks late last night. What started out as a 3-page crap sandwich has now ballooned into a nearly 500 page crap sandwich with some added topping to entice more support. Americans must be hungry because we are about to eat this crap sandwich and make our kids and grandkids pay for it.

Reading some of the bill, I note all it does is expand the size of government to facilitate this bailout, provide funding for the bailout, and give the Executive all the powers that were originally asked for, only instead of just the Treasury Secretary doling out the sauce, a board will do it. But the board is made up of Executive appointed positions and the Federal Reserve, aka private banking. The foxes will still be guarding the hen house. Nothing has changed.

Why is it so hard to understand that we are not against the bailout because it doesn’t contain enough benefits for Main Street. We are against the bailout because it is robbing from our children’s future wages to give it to the rich bankers that broke the system in the first place. It’s immoral and wrong on so many levels. But Congress seems to have misplaced their values under a stack of pork legislation and lobbyist campaign contributions.

Keep up the calls, emails, and faxes. Congress must hear our voices and continue to say to NO to Wall Street and international bankers. We are up against paid PR firms that pay workers $25 per hour to call Congress and tell them to vote yes on the bailout.

I won’t pay to eat a crap sandwich while bankers eat caviar and fillet mignon. I will stop paying taxes and withdraw all my funds from the bank should this be signed into law. I hope other Main Streeters will join me in doing the same. Do it for your kids!

I had posted a similar message in reply to The failure heard ’round the world but for some reason my post was disappeared from the site and I’m now locked out from posting to news articles once again. It seems I always get someone’s panties in a bunch when I go against the will of the powers that be. But don’t worry, I’m sure my re-education is scheduled and coming soon.

I finally watched the Monday night episode of Heroes. A nice gem found in the commercials was a campaign ad from John McCain aired in Ohio where he takes credit for the passing of the bailout bill that failed that Monday afternoon. Am I the only person who saw this ad? I laughed out loud!

It was a Dewey Defeats Truman type of moment. Classic. Perhaps I should post it to YouTube…

UPDATE (Oct. 4): The banks borrowed on average $367.8 billion per day from the Federal Reserve in the latest week (Oct. 2). That means they took around $1.8 trillion out last week alone. $700 billion bailout my eye. Like most Bush programs, this sucker is going to run at least 5 times as much, probably more. And it probably isn’t going to help anyone but the banks. Thanks for NOTHING!

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