Look out for the lie, cheat and steal Republican Dirty tricks in Florida….AGAIN

Florida GOP meets in secret as Obama passes McCain in polls

Florida Republican leaders hastily convened a top secret meeting this week to grapple with Sen. John McCain’s sagging performance in this must-win state.

That’s what worries me! Keep these statistics in mind when they try to steal Florida….AGAIN!

What’s more, a rolling average of Florida polls shows Obama ahead, albeit barely, for the first time.

• Quinnipiac: Obama leads 51-43.

• InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position: Obama leads 49-46.

• CNN/Time magazine: Obama leads 51-47.

• Suffolk University showed Obama leading 46-42.

• Real Clear Politics average of all Florida polls: Obama up by 3 percentage points.

Even REAL CLEAR which is a SUPER-CONSERVATIVE Corporation has Obama up in Florida. Remember these statistics a month from now.

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