Dilemma at the Voting Booth


    Is it just me, or are the choices this election year the worst in living memory?

    Both the major candidates support the grand theft of almost $1,000,000,000,000 from the American taxpayer to buy assets that are already known to be worthless – but the purchases will prop up the value of the stocks that line the pockets of this administration. It’s the worst robbery in living memory.

    Both the major candidates support endless war in the Middle East – the very wars that have bankrupted us already. Obama at least wants a “phased” withdrawal from Iraq – only to send those same troops to Afghanistan, where the British ambassador was recently quoted as saying that the war against the resurgent Taliban is not only unwinnable, but that western troops are definitely the biggest part of the problem. This came from our closest ally on the planet.

    The Libertarian Party’s Bob Barr is an outright religious fascist. Even if he had a chance, I surely wouldn’t want to go there. My philosophy is most definitely libertarian in nature, but Barr’s isn’t and never has been – and that’s the problem. The LP certainly has a short memory.

    Cynthia McKinney, the candidate for the Green Party, is honest. No doubt whatsoever about that, and I like her very much personally, but she is way too socialist for my tastes – and so, by the way, is Obama. So is McCain for that matter! He is out there beating the drum for a government bailout of Wall Street too!

    McCain, bless his heart, is semi-senile, and puts his foot in his mouth on a regular basis. He has to get his cancer retreated every few months, and it is a well known fact that many forms of chemotherapy affect emotional stability and cognition. Apart from the fact that McCain personally was responsible for our leaving hundreds of POWs in Southeast Asia (and I am forced to wonder what he did not want us to hear about), his health is shaky enough that he is unlikely to live out his first term. His temper is such that I don’t want him anywhere near the nuclear button either.

    So we’ve got to look at Sarah Palin, and every time I do that, I cringe. I am a feminist. It would make my day to see the right woman in the White House. Palin isn’t it. She is known for religious fanaticism and personal vendettas that are frightening in their intensity. Just ask any Alaskan.

    I supported Ron Paul with my whole heart. He campaigned for a return to Consitutional government. Unfortunately, he had to abandon his White House run to keep his House of Representatives seat, but he started a movement that – if it grows quickly enough – might be the only thing that can save America.

    Dr. Paul was marginalized because of his opposition to the Drug War. It was bandied about that he likes drugs, and that’s an outright lie. As most folks know, Dr. Paul is a physician! I guarantee he doesn’t enjoy seeing what recreational drugs do to his patients – and their babies he has delivered. All the same, any brain dead moron can see clearly that after almost three decades of Drug War, and trillions of dollars spent, the only thing our streets have less of is freedom. The sad truth is that the only way people get off of drugs is to want to get off them. Period.

    There is simply no one I can vote for in November. Sadly, a vote for Obama is a vote against McCain (and therefore Palin), so I guess that’s where I’ll have to go.

    Immortal Technique had it right:

    “The place that I’m from doesn’t exist anymore.”

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