Dear Senator Biden — During your debate tonight, please do two things.

1)Resist the temptation to interrupt Sarah Palin. The more she talks, the more people get to see how ignorant she really is.
2)Resist the temptation to be condescending to Sarah Palin. The last thing I want to listen to over the weekend are the pundits talking about how you made her look good.

Senator, you should win this debate hands down. The only way you can win is if you make people feel sorry for her.

Please do the country a favor and put on your best side and be as Presidential as you can be. After all, we live in volatile times and we are long past due having a POTUS be assasinated. The country needs to know you can handle whatever is called upon you to do in the next 4 years.

PS — please do your best to not make any gaffes like Sarah or John. We don’t need to give them anymore ammunition for their propaganda masquerading as truth.