I had to laugh at the 777 down day on the DOW!

People who aren’t aware of how the market works don’t realize that most of the trades are a function of “program trades” on the part of fund managers. Computers directed to make trades do so in massive blocks forcing the market either up or down on any day also within chosen sectors. Meanwhile the little fish who think they can day trade this choppy nightmare get taken out and line the brokers pockets with commissions while the big boys clean out their trading accounts with these endless head fakes.

There was an early morning sell off which alerted me that the smart money already knew how the House vote was going to go, then no doubt they bought massive position in put options which is not the same as short selling and made money on the next “enter” key stroke “to sell” off even more in the afternoon post the vote failure while the scared money chased the market downward into the abyss as “planned”…!

Obviously the market was oversold so the next day the big boys then hit “enter” again on their “to buy” program trades and bought into the market on the cheap while the uniformed, scared money chased them back to the surface. No doubt insiders loaded the boat on call options for the next massive upswing. Hey, it’s just like milking ol’ bossy the cow as far as these guys are concerned except it’s a “cash cow”… : |

On and on this nonsense goes and has little to do with liquidity in the so called cash market. It surely scares the hell out of the greater uninformed masses though even those that don’t even own a single share of stock. :))

The Fed is evidently screwing around with the banks because they operate a “discount window” where from the banks borrow low and lend high, so what’s up?!

Banks that I’m involved with are offering me much better CD rates than ever before to entice my money into their control so they can run to the Fed “discount window” and leverage my deposit into even more money based on the current level at which the money creation multiplier factor is at this time?

The question is has the Fed shut down the “discount window” and aren’t loaning their funny money to lending institutions for the purpose of creating a “fear factor”? Something is fishy as far as I’m concerned. They simply want to steal 700 billion debt bucks from the uniformed electorate with facilitation by our traitorous complicit Congress allowing the banking and brokerage sector to cover their losses and to fill the “red ink” potholes in their institutional and “personal” portfolios.

The gentlemen’s club; ie., the U.S. Senate will no doubt vote “yea” for this plan while shooting loaves of bread (percs/bait) via catapult to the electorate masses ala Coliseum style 2000 years ago. In Roman times a loaf of bread and jug of wine along with the bloody games could buy a lot of support for the ruling elite! : |

I’ll supply a link concerning “Fractional Reserve Banking”. I urge our readers to take the time to read this convoluted scheme that creates synthetic prosperity. Used judiciously it can function fairly well, but once Glass-Steagall was repealed with it being replaced by Gramm-Leach-Bliley creating a nightmarish free for all concerning lending, borrrowing and every other skewed scheme under the sun we are now paying a supreme penalty for banking running amok!


This entire debacle has been engineered no different than our entry into the war in Iraq based on cooked intelligence courtesy of the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney rogue intelligence pipeline. Evidently the American people are falling for another Bushista engineered scheme except this of a financial nature.

Carl Nemo **==

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