Capitol Hill Blue turns 14 today and the web site continues its place as the oldest, continually-published political news web site on the Internet.

We’ve come a long way since that morning on October 1, 1994, when I took advantage of free web space by my Internet Service Provider and started what was then a few paragraphs of musings about politics.

We’ve weathered a lot of storms over the past 14 years. We’ve come under fire for some of my own incredibly stupid mistakes.  We’ve survived campaigns against our site, against our advertisers and against me.

It is said that adversity makes one stronger. If so, we’re in great shape to head into the next 14 years.

The Capitol Hill Blue that you read today is far different from the sparse, one-man activity that started in a den in Arlington, Virginia, in 1994.  I’m just one cog in a wheel that puts this whole thing together 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From the group of dedicated volunteers who moderate Reader Rant, our popular discussion board, to the columnists who contribute so much to the heart and soul of this effort and to the readers who stuck with us through good times and bad, Capitol Hill Blue is a group effort that reflects a diverse society with widely-differing views on what this country may or may not need.

I’ve had doubts over the years on whether or not the effort was worth the cost in time, energy and money.  More than once, I’ve tried to talk away, but I can’t. Capitol Hill Blue is my mistress, the other woman that my wife tolerates and an addiction that no 12-step program can abate, much less cure.

Yes, we’ve made mistakes. No, correct that, I’ve made mistakes. Capitol Hill Blue’s reputation has been hurt in the past because of my willingness to take shortcuts, my inattention to the actions of others and my own ego, vanity and obsessions.  Yet we have survived the nay sayers, the doubters and the critics because those who help me put this site out every day of the year and those who continue to read have refused to give up and have overlooked my weaknesses and failings.

In this, my sixth decade of life and CHB’s 14 years of existence, I humbled by such support and loyalty. We’ve been through a lot and we will undoubtedly go through a lot more.

We’re here for the long haul and we hope you — our readers — are as well.

My thanks to Hal, Phil and Rob for their constant contribution to our effort and quality. My thanks to Donna and her talented team of administrators and moderators for their too-often-unrecognized work on Reader Rant.  My thanks to others who have helped in the past and moved on. And my thanks to you, our readers.

We’ve made it 14 years and counting and we wouldn’t be here without all of you.


  1. A lukewarm thanks for your perseverance and effort but somehow this site has become the forum for posting political hate speech when the real problem is on both sides of the aisle. How arrogant they are to pass supposedly “essential” bailout legislation loaded with unrelated pork. It mocks the citizenry. Somehow people have to respond by getting involved, not just demonizing people and finding more clever ways to express the hate (I know,this too is a rant). I really enjoyed your DC Darkside stories and feel at times like becoming the guy who left his high profile life to become a short order cook and be anonymous. Spartan75

  2. Congratulations and Job Well Done. As for mistakes, we’re all entitled to make ’em. We’re just not entitled to deny that we make ’em! Sorta like a real time spell-checker; we don’t learn unless we screw up once in a while. So from me, a heartfelt Keep Screwing Up, Doug. Anything less wouldn’t be honest.

    Nice work.

  3. CHB–An island of sanity in a sea of inane insanity.

    A place where dangerous truth is spoken fearlessly.

    A home for the thinking citizen.

    Thank you Doug. Thanks also CHB and all that make this a great place to visit.


  4. I’m grateful to Doug and his CHB site for allowing me to mix with people so knowledgeable that I feel as if I have earned a broader perspective in politics than I would have with a four year Poli-Sci degree from a major university.

    In fact, I sometimes wonder why they put up with me!
    Thanks Doug, thanks CHB and perhaps most of all, thanks Ranters!

    Jeff H in Occupied TX

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