All we really need to know to understand the ‘meltdown’:

If your country is operating with a ‘fiat’ currency (i.e. backed by nothing) then you are living in a ‘debt’ economy.

A debt economy is wholly run by private international bankers, acting as the receivers for a bankrupt nation.

The bankers ensure that this state of bankruptcy remains permanent.

As the nation has no substantive wealth (e.g. gold reserves) the government is forced to put its own people up as the collateral.

The people, through instruments such as birth certificates, social security numbers etc enter into a system of voluntary servitude, as prescribed in the 13th and 14th Amendments.

The wealth of the country is then converted into the tools (and human resources) the bankers need to force this system onto the remaining countries of the World.

When a given country has served its purpose, its economy may be crashed in order to force an economic merger with its neighbors. This not only makes things much tidier for the bankers, it moves them closer to World government – the final merger of all trading blocks into one global system – an unopposed oligarchy of masters and serfs.

Any questions?

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