Great words coming out of “Steny what’s in it for me Hoyer”…no?!

I surely hope the electorate continues to put intense heat on these Congressional slimeballs and not only say no, but HELL NO to this corporate welfare plan for their buddies on Wall Street and the banking sector.

Most people don’t understand the markets. Genuine free markets do not and should not go up forever. On occasion just like the seasons themselves there has to be change and this change represents a selloff so price and value can shake hands in the market place.

The very act of buying and selling anything is a disagreement on value with an agreement on price.

This market has been sorely overpriced for a long, long time while interest rates have been synthetically depressed by the Federal Reserve and the other G8 nation central banks.They’ve also been running their respective printing presses like mad men with a mission for many years now for the purpose of creating synthetic prosperity!

Instead these market meddling fools not only want to shore up a failing market, but also to facilitate the criminality that underlies this current paradigm so the good times can roll on forever.

Excess “must” be purged and it will be. A loan to the criminals in the banking sector and Wall Street in general is simply to enable them to fill in the “red ink” potholes in their portfolios; but, rest assured liquidity will not last for very long.

Since there’s no longer any gimmick to make large amounts of easy money as they have to this point, they will go back to the traditional method of lending at ever higher rates to make a buck. In short order liquidity will dry up and the Bushistas and their running dogs in Congress will be back with their hand out for even more debt money from their American “tax slaves”…! By not accommodating them, the free market forces will step into place and take care of the excess in the markets. As far as I’m concerned its time for the bankers and brokers to jump out of high windows as they did in “29”…!

I urge all site enthusiasts on CHB, RR and in www land that monitor CHB to contact their reps and let them know your sentiments on this situation; ie., hopefully a big fat “second” NO! You can go to to find out who your Congressional rep might be and their contact information. Also don’t forget to email your friends and associates with a reco to do the same. Lastly remember them in November; ie., the one’s that decided put us in debt to the tune of almost another trillion bucks. My rep, Brian Baird, Democrat 3rd District, Washington State has so and I informed his office yesterday that he lost my vote along with everyone in my family this November.

Money migrates to where it’s treated best, just as water seeks its own level. It’s mentioned this AM that interest rates are going up in the private sector and that’s a very good thing because our crooked butt Federal Reserve has been offering short rates that stink and have so for a long, long time starting with Greenspan post “Tech Wreck”.

Only higher interest rates will reign in the onset of hyperinflation and reestablish “discipline” in the market place. The money guys have been skating for too long on cheap rates.

There’s trillions rotting right now in U.S. Treasuries being paid a pittance, but once people see their local banker offering CD rates in the 5-6 percent range for short term CD’s, there will be a great sucking sound as money leaves the U.S. Treasury forcing them to ratchet up their rates in order to attract money to their doorstep. It’s “all good”, I guarantee! : ) It’s time that savers were rewarded for their frugality and foresight while profligate, deadbeat, card-swipin’ debt junkies pay the price including government.

We don’t need any market meddling on the part of our our so-called leaders. The Bushistas have lied and let the American people down on everything during the past 7.5+ years, rest assured this is just another version of our invasion of Iraq based on cooked intelligence except this time its linked to massive banking fraud.

Carl Nemo **==

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