There is a real danger that McCain will start World War 3

    Okay, you want some real meat and not campaign rhetoric.

    McCain has received more Military Complex money than any candidate in this election — primary or not. Why? Because he is the man most likely to wage war.

    Any war.

    He wants to stay in Iraq, spending $4566 PER SECOND in Iraq while Afghanistan spirals out of control.

    We Have the Bailout Money–We’re Spending It on War

    He jumped into the volatile Russia-Georgia situation, playing politics as usual. That is dangerous especially considering Russia’s relationship with countries like Iran and Venezuela. McCain’s apparently is still living in the Cold War days where Russia was our mortal enemy.

    Obama continually advocates policies that would solve international problems while McCain’s mouth and zeal makes leaders nervous.

    Obama’s Iran Policy More Likely To End Nuclear Proliferation

    Speaking of Nuclear Proliferation, there is a real danger of going to war NEXT with Pakistan with John McCain in the Whitehouse.

    Pakistan to US after clash: Stay away from border

    Remember, the Marriot just got bombed in the capital of Pakistan. I guess McCain was too busy playing politics to address this mess.

    Additionally, McCain apparently has no position on Afghanistan even though it gets more and more dangerous everyday. He just keeps spending that $4566 PER second on Iraq. ‘Grim’ Afghanistan Report To Be Kept Secret by US

    So now President Karzai of Afghanistan is asking the Saudis for assistance against the Taliban.

    Afghanistan seeks Saudi help to talk with Taliban

    And he has no comment on the Somalia pirate situation even though currently there is a US Naval Vessel tailing a hijacked Ukraine ship loaded with Russian Tanks and other war like equipment.

    US Navy monitors Ukrainian arms ship seized off Somalia

    Then we have that crazy leader in North Korea who now that he has gotten what he wants from the USA in form of food, is now going back on his word

    US envoy forecasts tough talks on eve on NKorea visit

    And then we have Venezuela’s ever increasing friendship with Russia.

    Russia And Venezuela Cooperate On Military Exercise, Mounting Tensions With The US

    Venezuela to build nuclear technology with Russia

    Just the other day, during a joint press conference with GW, the President of Columbia, Venezuela’s neighbor, endorsed Obama and put GW on the spot about who he believed to be the best leader of our country. Wonder why? McCain can’t even get the facts straight during the debate on foreign policy.

    McCain misstates some facts in foreign-policy debate

    With countries like North Korea, Pakistan, Venezuela, Iran, Somalia, etc. the last thing we need is a demented lying lunatic like McCain who has been bought and paid for in full by the Military Industrial Complex.

    World War 3 will most likely be Nuclear and encompass the entire planet not just the other side of the world.

    All this bailout talk may be irrellevant because if this crazy man gets his hand on the trigger of Nukes, the odds are good that he will use them. This cannot be allowed.

    PS: Miss Martin’s Classroom Rules of Manners will apply to this thread.

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